So the latest news down the pipe in the Saga of “Sam Alexander” the new version of Nova is that he has been made a Disney character in the Infinite series.(whatever that is) Sam has also had a longstanding role on the Disney XD cartoon “Ultimate Spiderman” as we all know and is growing more So is it not a bit of hypocrisy that Sam Alexander is playing a pivotal role in the huge Marvel Summer Event Original Sin?

This is the event that is centered off a giant humanoid alien getting his eyes gouged out and various people fondling and carrying around detached body organs? Is this also the event that by the third issue featured a main iconic marvel super hero getting violently decapitated by a former teen sidekick? I wonder how Disney feels about this? An upcoming solicit for Nova has a picture of a black nova (presumably Jesse) sitting down at the dinner table with blood splattered all over his hands and pleasant and family friendly!

I’ve argued that Sam is not really the problem, and Duggan is writing a solid book ..I stand by that. But it is just so hard to forget that Rich was never given any of this stuff…and then this hypocrisy is mind baffling. Does Tom B actually think , as a sane and smart man, that Rich was given the same opportunities as Sam?

Look at this Fucking cover!!:

As much as it pains me, because it is great art there, it makes me sick knowing that should be FUCKING Rich Rider!! He deserved to be there. I just can’t avoid all these wrongs and hypocrisy tainting this new marvel cosmic stuff. It’s rough because Duggan’s a good writer and writing a good comic…and the art has been very good. But for Rider fans, we only get this :

In the made up land of What IF?

But fellow Rider Fans…we will Always…Always,  have this:

Chin up Rider fans…”this too shall pass”


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