CBR is nothing more than a commercial tool of marvel

EDIT: I’ve cooled down from this somewhat but i still am disappointed with CBR and how they seem to treat people who visit the boards. I’m going to take a long break from the boards and evaluate this further.

So I got banned yesterday from CBR (comic book resources) for 24 hours (I will not be back) simply for talking about Rich Rider on the review thread for Nova #18. Mind you this was the lead in issue to the expose on Rich’s dad Jesse , and #19 cover where two (2) Nova centurions appear to be fighting each other…which marvel full well is utilizing the fact they have not explained Rich’s status and whereabouts…is certainly utilizing Rich’s legacy to attract attention. There have also been an assortment of clues that Jesse may be Rich Rider…

Rich Rider was Nova for 36 years, everything about him is relevant to a review of what this new Nova is…if marvel didn’t want that they should have called him something else! Not to mention despite the book’s hackneyed efforts to appease fans of the old series, they have utilized at time some mythos from the old series or Rich’s legacy. Duggan utilized Cosmo (who mentioned he missed the old Nova) and a flashback to Rich W/ Beta Ray Bill. Loeb utilized Diamondhead in the most superficial ways, Terrax, an old New Warriors foe was featured in Waid’s digital work. There have been continuous references to Rich in some token ways..It is always relevant…especially when Marvel lets an explanation go of his disappearance slide for four years!

CBR has let a few posters, honestly folks who simply do not even want the name Rider mentioned in any Nova thread claim that threads get “derailed” by any mere mention of Rider, even when fans are being respectful and cool. CBR’s allowing these small few to rule the roost is a clear sign of its status as a defacto Marvel propaganda site if ever there was one..and I’m done with it.

It sucks because there were some good Nova fans on there who cared about what we were trying to do out there. I’ve posted there for years as THANOSRULES, and never had any problems or even come close to getting banned.

Part of me wonders how far Marvel or Disney would go to prop up this character and discourage any dissenting opinion. I’ve noticed the Sam Alexander wikipedia page patrolled by Disney themed names (mickeymouse10) who quickly edit out any reference to controversy on the page, even if its phrased respectfully. Whoever that force is, would Marvel/Disney plant goons in CBR boards to complain about Rider talk , just to help prop up Sam? I do not think its out of the realm of possibility.

I encourage others to leave the site and stop posting there. We can get our message out in other ways than deal with that propaganda site.


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