A note about “True Nova Fans”



I don’t profess to speak for all Rider fans or all Nova fans. Everybody tends to get hinked up about this topic these days and i find it pretty dumb. Maybe I speak for some, but who knows…I certainly am a Nova fan, and I speak for myself. We are all different..some of us are nice, some of us can be jerks and some of us can be flat wrong (me included). Honestly though , if you do consider yourself a Nova fan, and you dislike Richard Rider…well I damn well disagree with that and think it is ridiculous… but I guess you’re entitled to your opinion! If you’re a Rich Rider fan and you think we should be docile and silent and simply “bide our time” while all this goes on , well, I think that is ridiculous. And Genis-Vell, who is spread in many differing pieces across the Dark force Dimension, would agree with me there. Spending too much time and effort arguing with each other about who is the bell cow standard of a “True Nova Fan” is a waste of everybody’s time. Some of my articles may use the term “We”  or “Us” ..if you disagree with me your just going to have to deal with it. Whatever the case, let’s all let marvel know we want Rich Rider back as Nova Prime!


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