Statement of beliefs regarding Richard Rider

1. I believe Richard Rider is a great marvel character who should be a staple of the company for years. Marvel should be proud of Richard Rider as a marvel character and property.

2. I believe Richard Rider as Nova has the potential to be a top selling comic book. Specifically, I believe Marvel did not promote Rider enough or provide him with all the tools to succeed.

3. I believe marvel did not manage it’s “Keith Giffen / DnA” era cosmic rebirth in the right manner and made critical mistakes in nurturing that creative environment.

4. I believe the “Annihilation era” comics were , and will be, remembered as some of the greatest comic books ever.

5. I believe Marvel “Rock Star” Writers , specifically Brian Michael Bendis and Jeff Loeb, marginalized said “Giffen/DnA” cosmic books until they lacked relevance with many readers. Ultimately, I hold Marvel editors such as Tom Brevoort, Axel Alonso and then EiC Joe Quesada chiefly responsible.

6. I believe marvel EiC Joe Quesada should have retained the services of Keith Giffen and editor Andy Schmidt after Annihilation.

7. I believe Marvel has been awash with poor decisions(excluding the Annihilation era founding) on their cosmic books and needs to get this house in better order.

8. I believe Marvel is a great comic book company with the best history and creators. I believe they need fan input like my site to improve their product and art.

9. I do not believe the problem with this situation needs to be Sam Alexander, but there are many circumstances of the Sam Alexander creation that aggravate Richard Rider Nova fans such as me.

10. I believe Sam Alexander could have worked much more effectively if done differently.

11. Again, I believe these Sam Alexander problems are the fault of seemingly egotistical writers and poor oversight by Marvel editors, especially Stephen Whacker, but ultimately Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso.

12. At the end of the day, I do believe creating Sam Alexander and giving him the lone Nova status was a mistake and should be undone.

13. I believe there are huge problems with the logic by Marvel editors regarding the post Sam Alexander Nova.

14. BTW not everybody wants Ninjas and grim and gritty street level stuff all the time!

Many of these items will be addressed in the coming weeks!



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