Review of GOTG #16 and Star Lord #1

So, I just read Bendis GOTG # 16 and Humpries’ Star Lord #1 and a had a few thoughts..some just general thoughts and some thoughts on how these books relate to Rider (or as we will see do NOT relate to Rider)

First with GOTG #16, another month and another really bad issue down the drain. I guess this issue was supposed to be some kind of “resolution or climax” to the whole J’son Spartax current saga, and in typical Bendis fashion the resolution to this seemingly epic problem was just incredibly lame. I’m not going to go on any rant about the quality of the book.(proceeds to go on rant..)..its actually just another chapter that does nothing to advance anything in this book as profound or noteworthy or any nice development of the characters..they are all shells of what others have done better.

The plot of the current GOTG is ridiculous given continuity. First off Quill, Gamora,  Rocket would all be heroes to the respective races that supposedly have kidnapped them. There was something called the Annihilation War. Then there was the Phalanx invasion, then we had War of Kings and finally the Thanos Imperative…but of course none of this matters to Bendis, who views such things as road bumps to the “uber important” meandering stories HE wants to do …even if this means drastically changing the characters to the people HE wants them to be.  The GOTG are heroes to much of the Universe.  In fact, at the end of Thanos Imperative there was a fucking statue built.

What Quill has done (prior to this series) in the 616 since Giffen brought him back completely derails any logic to the whole shaky plot of the book thus far! Ok.. so how is J’son’s view of his son as a disgrace even remotely logical? He was a HERO! Even the sticking point could be easily tweaked..but Bendis is too lazy to even go there! Bendis has not done anything with J’son to show him as a believable villain or antagonist. He seems almost whimsical at times and vile at others..all the while looking like Jonathan Frakes with a bottle of Auburn “Just for men”..he sucks as a character. What the hell is he even talking about half the time?

Bendis is completely pissing me off  with this series that makes the last 7 years prior of great stories completely irrelevant. Damn thats not smart to do…for the life of me I’ll never get why this guy sells comics.

The notion that Annhilus would be accepted on some sort of galactic council? Ludicris.. and horrible writing! The fact that asshole gets page time when Rich is dead, even more ridiculous.

I dug Bradshaw’s art. He is like a cross between Art Adams and Erik Larsen..very nice vibe. His pages with Gamora fighting Badoon robots were especially nice. Never been any issues with art in this book, aside from the brief Francaville issues which were not a fit for the book. I thought I read he gave a shout out to Darkhawk recently…sounds cool.

Star lord # 1  was actually decent. I’d say Humpries probably does some of the best cosmic here for a marvel comic (aside from the Abnett or Lanning guest stories) since DnA’s . Medina’s art is always nice. It’s a coherent tale that sets a nice stage for some future stories. It even seems to actually tease some new factoids about the Quill/ Thanos vendetta?

So, in the ending pages, we get Quill affirm he is coming after Thanos in 12 days? In one simple line hinting there is much much more to the whole Thanos/ Quill situation than meets the eye.Hmm..Couldn’t we have gotten this from Bendis? It’s the kind of odd job line that Bendis stuff always chooses to lack and thus frustrate fans. With Humpries here, it shows a good sense of what “teasers” are and how they work placating core fans.In short,how you write good serial fiction in a continuity based system. God, its so simple BMB, why can’t you just work on this stuff? Its called foreshadowing man!

But that’s a tall order to ask for from Bendis at this stage in the game. Guy hasn’t even told us where Bug went off to for heaven’s sake. Next thing you know , he will have Dr. Demonicus kick in someone’s door sporting double Glocks. Maybe Jigsaw will be with him.

Now, as to how this all relates to Rider.. let me reaffirm Bendis has not teased us much. If there has been anything, enlighten me, please because I’ve missed it. We don’t even get anything in the shape of Rich Rider (or his supposed sacrifice) having any kind of lasting effect on his best bud, Peter Quill, or the other characters in the GOTG who were dear or romantic friends. So, if Bendis is to have us believe his planned dealing with the hanging Cancerverse story line is going to be any sort of profound or poignant, he has FAILED. It’s clear he has not set it up well within the pages of the book. Since, the Cancerverse event seems to have no impact on anyone, it hardly seems important. “Set up” fail BMB. After two years of this book, there is no evidence to show Rich Rider had any kind of lasting effect on the characters, the cosmic setting, or anyone whatsoever.That, my friends, is complete horse shit. Bendis could have really appeased some folks with just some better teases…but he has not done so.

I’ve wondered if this hints that Quill and Thanos had some sort of silly truce, but we have already seen Quill come after Thanos in Assembled, so I’m not sure about what the hell is going on. I’m not sure what the deal is. Many people think Thanos essentially “ate” or “absorbed” Rider…I hope not… that’s freakin moronic! ,,and if it did happen, why wouldn’t you have more refined teasers or set up? We will get the answers pretty soon…but my confidence meter , and that of most Rider fans …is riding low.


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