Why so Much Spy stuff and Kung Fu?

Elektra, Black Widow, Moon Knight, Winter Soldier, Deadly hands of Kung Fu…when are Axel Alonso and Joe Quesada ever going to admit that the Marvel Knights era is over? Kung Fu arcs and Marvel knights esque stuff has stalled out sales in Avengers (let’s not even talk about Secret Avengers) books and Fraction’s Defenders as well…people dont want it!

BTW Rich Rider’s Nova series was selling better than almost all of these (especially at the same point). These book’s sales are abysmal. Rich also had that cruddy (prior) Secret Avengers book in the top 10 in sales for the whole arc…

..and don’t get me wrong, I love reading series or mini series about B to Z list characters…but ultimately, I get back to how pointless it was to scrap Rider and the “Annihilation era” cosmic world. Especially when we get rehashed the same stuff over and over again elsewhere (and somehow you can throw Carol Danver’s books in this argument as well..but I’m a huge fan of Carol).

BTW I do like a spy or Kung Fu tale now and then…but i dont like being force fed stuff!

EDIT: So I guess Midnight Sun returns in the latest issue of Deadly hands! But someone has told me his Englehart stuff has been disavowed? Typical marvel!


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