Really dreading this Bendis GOTG #18

Just not a good vibe..

Bendis said he knew for a long time what this story was about…yet it was pretty clear from his initial GOTG story in Avengers Assembled that he had basically never read any prior DnA/Giffen.

So don’t have any faith he is aware of the friendship or continuity Quill and Rich had together. Don’t at all feel safe he knows who Rich Rider was as a character.

It was also clear, as I’ve pointed out before, that whatever went on the Cancerverse has shown (or not shown) to have little to zero effect on any of the characters in the current series.  For Christ’s sake, no one has even asked Quill “where the hell Rich Rider is”!  Nobody gives a shit! Annhilus is on some silly council…and not one person seems inspired or at a loss for the fact Rich is dead.

We have gotten zero foreshadowing that this story has anything profound to it. Quill gave blank looks when asked about it (on 2 separate times)…thats about it. Quill, Rich and Thanos “died” in January of 2010!Most of the series Quill is wondering what Kitty is wearing, how to stylize that dreamy blonde hair, or pondering what “Just for Men” color J’son let Annhilus rub in his beard.

So why should we think this Cancerverse arc is going to be good?

Science fiction , written good, tends to make some semblance of sense, even if it is fantastic. None of this shit makes sense. Honestly, it’s probably the laziest book Bendis has ever penned.

What’s probably going to happen is Bendis will spit on DnA by showing Rich died a chump, making some selfish or foolish mistake..that Quill is the only real hero and fans should just forget about Rich because he was a lousy Nova.  Oh yeah, an whatever happens will equal permanent death for Rich Rider in some manner..Christmas in July.

Can’t rely that this will be a good arc because Bendis has no idea who Rich or Quill are and did not read the prior Annihilation era stuff.

I mean why throw salt on our wounds after these three years of having nothing resolved just to show Rich is dead? Or further reduce him to a coward or fool in death?..which I bet will happen…frankly its going to equal a drop for me of Bendis for good…and maybe that’s for the best.

I’ve said for a while that addressing this cancerverse situation has gone past the point where it should even be done. Its just too long and too much has been done…Bendis GOTG has proven to be “what it is” ..and in no way shape or form should we feel good about him handling this topic.

Bendis seems to relish this type of attention..of finding die hard core marvel fans and shitting down their throats..I’ve little else to expect here.

But I am crossing my fingers hoping I’m wrong!



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