So a couple things I’ve missed in this looming cancerverse tale

Alot has been said of the appeareance of is a rundown , but his looks have been all over the place.

Pic from Assembled, after they would have got back from the cancerverse:

Here is the Pic from GOTG Infinty everyone is talking about:

Here is what he has most looked in infinty and since:

Maybe there is something to it…but honestly despite a couple of brief teases…this is three years past we are talking about and teasers for this storyline should have been laid thicker and more overt…or at least handled better. For all the inconsistencies with Thanos look…and for all the times Bendis and Loeb have disregarded continuity , I don’t know how to look at this.

I mean technically, The whole GOTG have had those new light source power thingys on them (not sure if they were ever explained?):

So I dont know how much it means anything.

Also, I do seem to have left out Thanos collection of Nova helmets and his “dealt with” comment on the “other Nova”. Again Thanos is a bad guy and the Nova force is a bunch of cosmic police..not sure i see the necc. profound significance there. Plus we almost know for a fact in some shape or form Rich has been “Dealt With”…I mean he aint active right now for “some odd reason”…so no surprise there.

Again, that Thanos  and Quill have some sort of deal seems to be “in play”…but Quill and Thanos have had some genuine fights since the cancerverse. So what gives? The GOTG were actively looking for Thanos when he had already been stuck in amber by Thane…again Bendis didnt show us much in the form of teases that there was anything extraordinary about this search connected to some larger plot.




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