Tom he the main problem?


So another Nova fan (Timelord) got some responses from Tom Brevoort recently , mainly that Brevoort said he didn’t think Nova got much chatter chatter on the internet…and that Rich got “decades of exposure”.

Let’s itemize what Rich Rider got for actual promotion. It’s ridiculous anybody would think he had “decades of adequate exposure” …especially to succeed!

Limited support for ongoings– A volume One series that lasted 25 issues in 1976, he was clearly a great character, but one of many Spider man knocks of the 70s and 80s. Marvel did little to promote the book. Rich never had the luxury of a series spring boarding out of an event until 2006’s Annihilation (vol.4) . (but still it was not a major event) was a decent run and outsold many other marvel titles until it stagnated because it lost relevance with the rest of the 616 universe.

Rich was an after thought in much of the 80s, being essentially replaced by Frankie Raye Nova and some waters were tested with Garthan Saal in Avengers Supernova event that did not feature a return for Rider.

Limited crossovers into other books. He appeared a few times in Fantastic Four, and a couple issues of ROM, he was never real prominent on the covers. The core books he crossed over into the 90s (New Warriors, Night Thrasher, etc were almost always B list books, aside from the debut of NW in Thor)

Never got any prominent role in a “major” marvel event ever. (with Axis Sam Alexander will have a 3rd major event under his belt…must be nice to be relevant!’s ridiculous to think Rich has gotten equal play!)Annihilation was a great event, but it was not considered a primary event. It competed (meaning released at the same time) against Civil War, DC’s 52 AND the new JLA series #1!  Marvel even released the Inhuman mini event Silent War around the same time. The follow up events were always minor events to a more prominent ‘Regular Marvel Event’..which Rich never had much role in (like Secret Invasion). Rich even faced a dwindling role in most of the cosmic events…which always sought to promote new characters rather than galvanize Rich.

Let’s also add that some of the Bendis and rock star driven main marvel universe was constantly seeking to undo things happening in Giffen and DnA’s work. Bendis mangled the Beyonder, brought back the Skrulls, Supreme Intelligence and Black Bolt, many times inexplicably. Guys like Hickman? brought back Annhilus with hardly a twinkle of his legacy. Loeb and Bendis axed/trashed most of the post DnA cosmic characters or hanging story lines with impunity..


Never got any role on any sort of Saturday morning cartoon, or cartoon at all. He may have appeared a couple times as a minor character, but not much else.

– Never an “A list”  team vehicle. Every New Warriors series that has featured him aside from Volume 1 has never been promoted much either…they have been mostly afterthoughts left to fend for themselves…though Marvel will humiliate them on the big stage in the form of Civil War. He never got a membership on ANY A list team until 2009 when he was made an Avenger on a “secret Avengers” roster. (as mentioned in my Legacy article replaced guys like Ronnie Raymond and Hal Jordan were JLA mainstays) (btw the book sold in the top ten for the Rich Rider Arc, then slowly tanked in sales whilst it digressed to Kung Fu )

-A list talent at its prime. I’d argue that Rich has had some nice artists work him like Buscema , Bagely and Larsen…but really most of them did their work on Nova at points in their careers where they were not instant huge draws…and again I love the writers like Wolfman, Nicenza, Giffen, and DnA who have worked on Rich but they were not huge market draws at the time they worked on Rich.

The nice cosmic mix of editor Andy Schmidt, Keith Giffen, and DnA really put together a good Rider and good series…why not keep them together ?

Money spent on advertising. I don’t have much evidence on this but just was not spent on Rich or teams Rich was on. New Warriors got a good push…and the book worked for a good run…marvel seems to want to reinvent it all the time instead of just putting the original team back out there though.

Honestly, Tom B seems really really off with his line of thinking and logic…this coming from a guy who should all be well aware of the above. What is the deal? Is he just completely married to this Sam Alexander debacle, or is he a reasonable man who is just off track? I don’t know..but he’s certainly off track.

Brevoort has , at least IMO, insulted DnA openly before as well. He claimed Nova fans were smaller than they were AND really insulted DnA for bringing back an alternate universe Namorita. Meanwhile, his main man Bendy, was bringing back Alternate Universe characters like they were hotcakes! The original X-men? Age of Ultron? (which didn’t even feature Ultron). Marvel even goes so far to give Cyclops from the alternate Universe his own cosmic series! (mind you with the regular 616 character also out there) How much sense is that? Both Hickman and Remender’s Avengers takes are loaded with alternate universe mumbo jumbo, as was Fantastic Four. Another marvel mini event, Hunger, featured our 616 Galactus in an alternate universe…I mean come on!

Earlier this year, fans voted Annihilation the #9 marvel event of all time? How is that not noteworthy? Why does this guy hate us?

Brevoort’s an accomplished guy who should know better. It would be better if we had a guy like him on our side..but I dont know..for all I know with that logic he may be the biggest problem!

This kind of stuff just highlights that we are not there yet with how loud our voice can be….the fight goes on!

Not enough Chatter!

I also noticed no Nova solicit on the Cosmic Solicits put out today? Hmm..although maybe marvel considers it spidey now.




4 thoughts on “Tom he the main problem?

  1. not sure if you’ve heard of or checked in on it, but the Marvel Heroes MMOARPG game has been in the midst of enormous fan debates about the Rich/Sam situation since before it launched last year. It was enough that they delayed the release of Sam Nova (who was intended to be a launch character) in order to try to get Rich Rider Nova in there, and Nova still isn’t in game yet and won’t be for at least another couple months (15-16 months after launch). His character forums at continue to be full of arguments regarding the two characters, and you might want to check it out (and check out the game, too, it’s improved immensely since launch). Similar debates sometimes pop up on the game’s associated subreddit, too, but not as often. That is one place, at least, where fans of Rich Rider have definitely gained some traction. Rumor has it that the game developers are also Rider fans.

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