New Warriors on Loeb and Whacker’s USM?



3 thoughts on “New Warriors on Loeb and Whacker’s USM?

  1. I damn near cried watching that. those… those aren’t the new warriors. Do the people behind this cartoon just really really like mixing up the wrong characters into established names/groups? That has virtually nothing to do with the New Warriors of the comics, only barely representing a teensy piece of the concept and misapplying badly chosen heroes to it. Ka-Zar, really? seriously?

    I originally got into the New Warriors comics because of Nova and Speedball (who I was just one of the uncommon fans of his original introductory series run, which presented a new teenage hero far better than a lot of comics since, imo), along with the tangential connection to the original GotG in Vance, but grew to love the original incarnation of the group, and some of the subsequent ones, to a lesser degree. This… thing on that cartoon doesn’t feel like any of them. completely missing the attitude, the lineup, most of the concept (outside of being a team mostly of youths). It’s horrendous! I can forgive small and/or reasonable lapses in design/lore/timeline/background/etc when they make sense, but this is just plain stupid. Maybe if they had not bastardized the New Warriors name for it, this might have at least been less biting and disrespectful (yes, it is disrespectful to a fan favorite team/concept). As it stands, though, just damn…

  2. This was stupid and ridiculous. But what else can we expect from Stephen Wacker, Jeph Loeb, Brian Michael Bendis and Joe Quesada? We finally had a shot of seeing the New Warriors on TV, and those guys blew it for us. Sheesh…

  3. What gets me the most is it blows my mind that Whacker and the Loeb crew would not help out an active marvel comic like Yost’s NW by using his team…there would have been zero issues with using a team closer to yost’s book..its active backstabbery IMO.

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