BAD NEWS NOVA FANS! (updated with thoughts)



SO I’ve thought a bit about Gunn’s remarks about not liking Nova so much and I had a few thoughts:

-I’m not the stubborn enough fan boy to not see the good of what this mega GOTG film means. Its a huge victory for marvel cosmic,  it’s a victory for B-list heroes or B-list story lines as well.  Its brought to life the vision of a ton of great creators like Giffen , DnA, Starlin, Valentino, Englehart, Lim, Perez and many many others.

No matter how we slice if Gunn is a big enough of a Nova fan for us diehards, the bottom line is this GOTG movie is going to cause an explosion of interest in old Marvel cosmic, ever the “red headed step child” to street level web slingers and king fu spies… we all deserve this!

(Rider wise) At worst we are back to where we started (alone and always fighting against the grain)…its ok..we are used to it right?. ..but I do think that really is not true.

When you speak specifically about the DnA / Giffen era cosmic from which it was directly based…it’s going to lead more people to that material, to Annihilation…to COnquest, to WoK, Thanos Imperative… and of course the finest hour of our Richard Rider. Its inevitable this film will help Rich, even if he is not in the damn thing.

It’s going to help ALL marvel cosmic.and that’s a great result! Guys like Quasar, Starfox , Adam Warlock.. people are going to check out old/new Starlin stuff and realize how great it is…and on and on. (not to mention Guardians 3k by Abnett!)

Normally, these films have had a minimal push on the funny books…but I have a feeling this will not be as true for this GOTG film. Even many comics fans overlooked a lot of the printed version of this stuff.

I’ve seen three threads on CBR in the recent days started about “Where can find more GOTG?” and/or “Where to start with GOTG?” etc..we are going to see results of people being “led to water” and discovering the cosmic material for themselves. That road rightfully leads through Rich Rider folks…and plenty will se what we are talking about with how great a character he is. Therefore, it’s a huge victory for us matter what Gunn says about Nova.

-(In terms of the actual comments) Frankly, I need to know more and see more to pass finally judgment on if Gunn is some sort of “Nova hater” or something. His comments are not as damning as one might wasn’t like he said Rich is a piece of crap or something. Its tough to say if they were conveyed tongue and cheek or sarcastic. Misdirection is also rife with these types and in that industry. At the end of the day, there are a lot of people involved with the MCU…if Gunn is not a giant fan of Nova/Rich maybe others like Feige are.

We got Nova Corps in the mix and we know the MCU is looking to elevate characters….all in all a good deal.

So by all reports ,we have a great flick here (I have 2 kids and have not been able to see it yet!) and something Marvel and us fans can be proud of ! I do think great things lay ahead and will come from this flick…so for now I am really happy for all the above reasons…

BTW If Marvel follows suit and enacts some of the movie ideas, a Nova Corps would mean multiple Novas..and of course that would be great.

EDIT: some fans also linked this new article to me, with some really positive things to say about Marv Wolfman, specifically the creator of Nova and the Nova Corps! Maybe like a lot this is just a big misunderstanding by Nova fans. Cant blame us for being








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