Some recent problems among Nova fans

I just want to point out, as I’ve seen a lot of editing on other message boards these days- eliminating any dissenting opinion RE: Rich Rider or Nova or Sam Alexander, who is not the real Nova. (IMO)

As I said, CBR eliminated my post below regarding the original Bendis / Symbiote interview. The reason they gave me was that it was “Non Constructive” . I do appreciate them at least getting back to me. Evidently, pointing out when someone is being dishonest in an interview is not something they want.

I have not used the term NINO much, but I’m not insulted by it. It does not really insult anyone (except a fictional character). Its an opinion, and even though you disagree with it, its non the less someone’s views. To some, Sam is Nova in Name only..aka NINO. Its not that big of a deal.

As I’ve stated, I have come to the decision that I feel the character of Sam Alexander should be ended..and I know this is going to bring a new level of criticism by some, but It is my opinion. I will always entertain people as to WHY I now feel this.

I’ve always disagreed with the notion that people who buy Sam’s book are “collaborators” or that it can be guaranteed sinking the book with sales or demanding fans not buy it is the best or only strategy to get Rider back. In fact, I’ve bought (and thus supported ) Sam’s book most of the run..if only because I am a Nova junkie and that i wanted to say I honestly gave the character a chance. Now, I find that i read the book only to provide an informed opinion on what it is doing wrong. I guess in this way I am trying to sink the book, but its been after careful review.

But the kicker is, I was never insulted or felt bullied by people who said don’t buy it. Its their opinion and hearing that viewpoint rounds out the gamut of emotions of Nova fans out there. We need that.

I’m pretty experienced with many of the Sam Alexander’s fans view’s. I’ve been on a lot of these threads for the whole deal. Some of them are a great land classy lot. Of the actual people buying the comic, a huge # of these people are not big Sam fans…another percentage are old Rider fans who think he is “OK” ..a very small percentage are true blue Sam fans. This percentage, even still very few are the actual minority who show up in Nova discussions and try to complain about the mere mention of the name Richard Rider. Or worse yet, claim to moderators they are insulted and hurt by comments in support of Rider or in counter opinion to their flawed logic.

Sam fans who don’t want to hear Rider’s name , or entertain any opinions regarding the DnA era sometimes cross the line. Sam uses NOVA as a name. Rider made this name..Richard Rider.

We have a HUGE problem when a group of Sam fans show up who don’t even know about Rich and claim to be true blue Nova fans…I’m not on board with this..and they need to understand how insulting THAT is . We are not going to peacefully co exist, so there is a problem going forward. It goes back to what i said in an earlier didn’t need to be about Sam, but now it kinda IS.

The thing we have to understand is a lot of these comic sites have other motivations. I could list them and break this down further, but most who read this would know what I’m talking about. It just be real nice if we could all be on the same page together.

I think this recent Bendis/Rosemann stuff just points out that there is a smoke trail of dishonesty out there (meaning its real)..and we Rider fans are not crazy. This makes people emotional and I just hope people running these boards get it. This kind of stuff is the basis for name calling against creators, which honestly, from what I’ve seen is rather tame and tongue and cheek. I do feel people need to have thicker skin and such abject sensitivity is not needed..

Frankly, I’ve observed first hand that Marvel/Disney has active agents out on these boards and in wikipedia , etc, doing all they can to eliminate dissenting views on Sam Alexander. Don’t under estimate that. This is not paranoia on my part, its real. There are massive corporate interests involved with Sam Alexander and no one should forget that.

Anyway we do need to get along here…and I hope we can stay focused…but lets also remember you cant agree with everyone and taking a stand is OK…


A new CBR Rosemann interview


NOTE: I do find the timing of this interview humorous, coming off the Bendis comments the other day. I’d guess CBR’s wings are clipped when it comes to editorializing, but part of me wonders, is this intentional? At any rate, it puts Bendis in his place..and both Rosemann interviews really show us a different side to the “Party line” on the end of this thing. Honestly, really impressed with CBR for once.


Its a great interview, Rosemann is a true asset to Marvel Comics!

I love this piece:

Another thing I’m curious about is the decision to kill off Star-Lord and Richard Rider at the end of “Thanos Imperative.” Obviously Star-Lord returned in 2012 in “Avengers Assemble” — was there a plan then to bring him back, or was it seen as the end of the character for a while?

“We knew it was time to end that run, and to let them step into the shadows again, so that they could possibly regroup and come back. If you’ll notice, when Richard and Peter “die” — you don’t see any bodies. They disappear, literally, in a flash of light. Our intention was, “Let’s give them a heroic, triumphant ending,” but let’s pass the baton. Let’s make it so whoever’s coming after us is able to do whatever they want. And that’s why you didn’t see charred skeletons. They sacrificed themselves. It was a heroic end, there was real grief felt by the characters that knew and loved them. They disappeared in a flash of light, and you’re able to read into that.

I can’t wait to read upcoming issues of “Guardians” to see what Bendis is going to say about what happened to Rich and Peter and Thanos during those ending moments in the Cancerverse. I’m refusing to look at pages. I’m waiting until the comic is in my bundle, and then I’m going to read it.

Kinda aCBR Interview

Much different take than what Bendis had to say the other day!!..
Also, here is alink to another Rosemann interview a few weeks back :..…ann-interview/

it also gives some additional cool insight about some of the costume stuff for Quill,

Note in that interview he also clearly states they were “asked to shut it down” not the bit that DnA just made the call to end. He appears to be a bit more vague “it was time…yada” in CBR one

Ultimate both interviews paint a a very different picture of the ending of the DnA run…but man, he is right 5 years is a good stretch. All those guys should be proud, and Rosemann mentions most everybody here and really has a grasp of the product, even giving huge props to Breevoort. Its great stuff.

I do still wonder why Schmidt and Giffen didnt have something for them by marvel after Annihilation..still has always been kinda the 800 pound gorilla in the room..even though Giffen ended up doing that great Star Lord book…

Bendis speaks on Rider Arc…and DnA!

Here is a response to the above CBR interview of BMB recently RE :Rider..Its mind baffling stuff folks, as much as I hoped Bendis is not an ally of us. Not by a long shot, here was my response on CBR, which will probably get deleted, as they dont usually go for “critique of creator” type stuff. (Yep, they deleted it, go figure!)

Yeah this is truth…SK and here we ARE ! The biggest factor to be mad at Bendis is that his GOTG book has not been good…and if he did read the prior material, he would know that Rich and whatever happened in the cancerverse should have had a more lasting legacy on the book. (Just like you mention) It was really hard to buy Quill laying around in bed wondering what Kitty Pride was doing with this unresolved stuff still in the wind. The characters were just so unbelievable.

..and the underlying thing here is the Jeff Loeb plan to put forth a new Nova, which we all really know (even though no ones talking) was all a plan by Loeb to introduce a teen friendly Nova that would be featured. Bill Rosmeann recently said wrapping the DnA era was EDITORIAL MANDATED..not coming to some organic conclusion.. bendis is a powerful figure at marvel..if he’s going to say stuff like this he really puts himself on the side of what many of us RR fans consider the dishonest side of the whole deal. Your writing the characters…explain to us the situation in a timely manner!

I don’t like being lied to!

Even Alonso finally admitted they wanted to put big guns on GOTG and NOVA to earn money and use the names to attract new fans, which is cool that he came clean eventually but initially he towed the line of the DnA “organic” natural ending that was just not true and we all know it now.

So here we go Brian…this is why you come off really really bad here…if your going to talk like after Rosemann and Alonso both told everyone

Link to Rosemann interview:…ann-interview/

Link to summaray of Alonso comments:…s-galaxy-april

Here is another article that shows conflicting views and stories of why the DnA books ended:…ys-differently

DnA did not ever kill Rich Rider…his panel may have faded to white in mystery…but it was not a confirmed was vague and the type of comic situation that could easily be undone…as it was (undone that is) for every other character there..without explanation for 4 years. it was STANDARD fare for comic book writers, take your pieces off the chess board for use at a later date..and really it felt like that pretty much until a new Nova was announced and you realized Thanos Imperative had no lasting ramifications. (which really makes the death all the more superficial)

You (BENDIS) state the benefits of telling this story now, but after four years to just bring back Rider to show us just how irreversible his death really was? its rubbing salt in our we are still stuck with this lousy version of Nova that in NO WAY resembles what we used to have.

Your GOTG book has not been good, it has struggled to find a cohesive arc or mission. It feels empty and none of the characters are acting like the beloved characters from the DnA run or even the movie. You have established a track record with your writing in my view that has not been solid for some time…your Avengers was always disappointing and the Avengers Assembled arc with GOTG was one of the single worst quality pieces you have ever done, it felt rushed, ignored prior continuity, and seemed to have no real plan. These are the foundations that have us dread your future, unread to us work. Its based on a history of poor quality these days!

I personally think Bendis bears partial responsibility blame for sinking the DnA cosmic. He claimed before he “let them do their thing” but it was the lack of the DnA stuff in any relevance of what he (In Avengers)or the X books or “Main” marvel events that reduced the relevance of DnA and marginalized the audience! But I dont truly have any proof of I’ll admit that is just speculative on my part. How could the DnA guys not have a significant role in stuff like Secret Invasion? That and he actually actively ignored or undid things DnA were doing with some Ultron or Beyonder.

I’m not going to harp any more just so disappointing….at least it reinforces my call to drop NOVA after next issue and GOTG after the cancerverse arc. it also reinforces my call to be critical of Bendis through this process. Its just not OK.

..after that I’ll just be twiddling my thumbs thanking Bendis for giving us one last Rider arc as he is never seen again…I’ll still be here talking, but I wont be buying marvel anymore.



Star Lord # 2

This series is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated books. In 2 issues , Humprhries has proven a real knack for this new incarnation of Star Lord, that is NO its not Giffen/DnA Quill ..but it is at least good. The art is on point and the humor and continuity are well done. I really like how Humprhies has included panels RE: this deal with Thanos that really give us a better reason to keep on reading, unlike Bendis book.

The book is delivering on a lot of the promises of Bendis original pitch..its got the feel of something like Firefly.

Starlin Infinity Revelation OGN

Really was quite happy with this work. The art and story are quite well done. I can see how some may not like the work…it’s a throwback to older Starlin themes and it seems a very personal and maybe even bitter work ?  It was well done. Personally, I didn’t feel the story was a rehash of all the older motifs. Sure you had Thanos and Warlock questing for some mythical infinite power spring, but the story had its own unique and viable tone. It was not as “trippy” as some people say, though with such a long break from Starlin, maybe I just enjoyed the trip.

Maybe this kind of story doesn’t fly in the new instant gratification marvel where continuity doesnt seem to matter and writers don’t even resolve their own plot points, but I found it a refreshing infusion of the Grand Master of cosmic…

GOTG movie.

A surprising mixed reaction. Overall I enjoyed the film. I laughed, I marveled at the insanely well executed CGI and visuals, and I walked away feeling like I had seen a polished summer flick.

But there was a lot I felt could have been better and I didn’t love it. I did not really feel like i was seeing DnA or Starlin’s visions come alive on the screen. Overall, I had a few problems that make me one of the (few) ones who are not as high on this film as you might think.

First off, Bautista’s Drax was absolutely abysmal. I cringed at the dialogue ..and yes I know some of this was by design. But it didn’t work. He didn’t work and he dragged down the movie. I’m not going to harp on what he should have been, but I think Gunn should have used the Giffen riddick esque Drax..

Next we have Gamora. I didn’t have much problem with her, aside from the fact Saldana is just a terrible actress who can’t act well. I struggled with some of the visuals of her as Gamora as well. She was just a bit too “damsel in distress” for my tastes. I would have preferred a bit more amoral version of Starlin fame.  As it was, her change of morals and betrayal of Thanos was just kinda odd and came off as forced writing and rushed.

Both those characters really struggled and it was tough to not cringe. Bautista was the bigger problem, but luckily most everyone else did a good job. My personal favorite was Pond as Nebula. I was never a huge fan of DnA’ s Nebula, as I was always a fan of the Starlin space diva..but this won me over.

Some of the changes were just nonsensical. Drax’s origin didnt even need to be discussed in much depth. It was silly to write off a potential Moondragon etc. Not sure why Star Lord got more motivation from a mom who died from Cancer VS aliens.I’m not sure how i feel about the Thanos scene. It was not that bad..but he was a bit cheshire cat-ish? I don’t get why Ronan needed to be such a non complex villain..his comic counter part is so much more fascinating and he seemed so dummed down. Thats not my Ronan.

The big issue I had was the movie almost had too much humor and seemed embarrassed of its source material. While Whedon’s Avengers had me thinking “Wow that embraced the source material”..I thought more like this movie struggled hard to window dress it. It desperately tried to sass up the source material with comedy and tongue and cheek and ended up relentlessly making fun of it. And now this “cosmic” MCU world seems so intrinsically tied to this level of satire that it almost seems like it NEEDS it. It seems like a Nova centurion can not forevermore pop up without someone making a fart joke as well….and that’s not true to the source material I read that was touted as this movie’s inspiration. That’s a very different feel from the Avengers stuff and I think it should have been tempered a bit. I laughed my ass off and enjoyed most of it here…but I’m concerned it went a bit too far. There were certainly a few jokes I just thought missed..especially some of the Reilly stuff with the Nova corps.

I didn’t really care for the depiction of the Nova Corps. The costumes looked fairly cheap and did not satisfy. Glenn Close as Nova Prime was not up to snuff…some of the scenes with her during the vaunted final Ronan attack were just awkward. Again, I’m not sure why Nova corpsman flying up like little iron men to fight the Dark Aster would have been any more ridiculous than star shaped ships. I’m not sure really why them linking up to form a barrier was a good move or power to have. Just some awkward changes that didn’t need to made.

Overall 3/5 stars and a worthwhile summer flick , but no legendary film on the level of Avengers.

Rant Mode (TM) (revisiEDIT:t 2014)

NOTE: orognally posted when i dropped my marvel pulls in 2014,  I reposted this from over a year ago..with some edits, modifications and updated comments. I laughed re-reading this today and thought it deserved more light. Warning that there is some rough language in here for those who don’t do cussin’

On the cusp of Bendis GOTG #18 I just wanted to reflect on where the Nova situation is as of now. (EDIT: And still is)

For one, I just hope we get Rich back. (EDIT: Didn’t) I fully beleive, Rich was a great character that should be a cornerstone of Marvel comics. In many ways, the character should be right next to freakin Steve Rogers and Hulk on every Marvel splash poster. I should see little kids running down the damn street with Rich Rider T-shirts. An actor should be dressed up like Rich in Times Square Toys R Us selling dang action figures to kids. He’s just that (IMO ) solid of a character.

In my opinion, Rich spoke to many people of the era. Much of what Rich Rider stood for represented the best of the post 9/11 America. He was a self-described loser from Long Island who answered the call for his people when the bell tolled. He was also a normal joe who came back from a brutal conflict in a faraway land, only to find his home strangely alien and distant. Through his career, Rich was a man who galvanized his friendships by actions. Even more important, he showed all his comrades he could be counted on. Rider was a man who would charge first into the fray so that others would be safe and wouldnt have to.

Turned out, Rich was the guy who would lock himself in hell itself, just so that innocents could sleep easy at night and not have to worry about horrible things.Rich , above all , was a guy who truly knew that “with great power comes great responsibility”.(an iconic moral lesson of all Marvel comics) Truly, he represented the best of what Marvel Comics can teach us.

Rich Rider was never lame either. Sure, he made some mistakes, he needed help sometimes and was a prominant character in an era many folks see as “cheesy” (the 90s).

Yet, when he needed money he got a job flipping hamburgers. (not chasing radioactive gold nuggets in space) He wasn’t always perfect. He was not always the smartest guy aroud and threw a few back now and then.  Worse, he’d put his hair in a silly ponytail and wear ample sleevless shirts for a bit in the 90s. I guess he did a stupid reality TV show. (though I personally disavow that miniseries)  But , overall, Rich was down to Earth and real. Better, he devleoped. Just like every one of us, Rich grew up and matured through the years. (EDIT: This was such a strong reason he worked)

Rider may have got knocked back down a few times, but eventually he grew from a unremarkable “peter parker knock off” archetype, to a man of professional ability and dignity. In no uncertain terms, Richie was the kind of guy you would want watching your back when fucking Lovecraftian nightmares were at your front door.

Then Marvel killed him off…but why? (EDIT: See my post on the lack of reason for Rich;s death) Was he stagnant as a character? No. Was he considered lame? No, not by many. Was his death some profound irreversible “Mar-vell-ian” model? No, again.

The answer to all the above is NO. Thanos Imperative (his last story) was one of his best stories! There were hundreds of (relevant) Rich Rider stories left to tell. No, I’m sorry he was not dull either. He banged Gamora after all. (a few times as well, and unlike Tony Stark, she appeared satisfied).

And to the last point, that this death was “too profound” for undoing.. nope. It was not some profound death, especially when post TI it was made utterly pointless. A few months after the series, Thanos, Drax, and Star-Lord were all back and kicking with no explanation. In fact, in almost 20 issues and nearly 4 years later (check that to 30 issues and 5 years) we have not gotten an explanation for what went on in the cancerverse. I’d even argue that with the comics that followed, it hardly is even noticeable that whatever happened in the cancerverse was even important or had any weight on the characters involved or gave Rich Rider the legacy he deserves. (Note : The lack of Rich’s impact on the characters he served with make the current versions of Quill, GOTG, and Nova hollow , cheap and vapid facades of their former selves. jesus, even COSMO hasn’t mentioned Rich!)

And why do I say that? Annhilus was already back, cuddling with Johnny Storm and serving on some sort of fucking committee. Ultron’s days invading the Kree and using the Phalanx are basically forgotten. The United Front is just something Bendis seems to think he has to donate a quarter to on Halloween. (BTW check out Sam Alexander, the New Nova, “Trick or Treating ” with the X men this Halloween!) (EDIT: Check out Sam in his soon to be canceled new series written by Sean Ryan! Yep, the guy who already wrote a garbage Nova series of one shots that made fun of DnA fans!)


The answer of course is : $$ CASH MONEY MAN!!…new GRILLS and fat STACKS $$.

Marvel killed Nova because they saw a (possible) opportunity to make money. It would be an “all fronts” attack.. “full in” multi media prop up of a character, the likes of which Rich Rider , or few new Marvel characters would ever see. The recipe was easy.. a zany contemporary teen, a perceived “everykid”, who would bumble and stumble his way to heroic goof ups and misadventures and become beloved and engendered by all in the process. Who wouldn’t want that? Oh, and of course, Sam will be “multi cultural”, “Half Hispanic” is a good enough compromise, but don’t worry… the book won’t actually touch on any aspects of multi culturalism.  (BTW how many token “Half Hispanic” characters have been created in the last few years? Its frankly so transparent as a marketing stunt it’s insulting to Hispanics everywhere)

But something happened on the way to cashing in the commercial Sam Alexander dollar signs:

Most fans just didn’t like it! (EDIT: And 2015 was especially brutal as the series dribbled down to very low sales, and spent over a year outside of the top 100, in fact a few months in 2015 saw the book nearly at the bottom of the top 200!)

I’ve come to the conclusion that Sam and Rich are unfortunately tied to each other. Why? First off, comic book fans sometimes are an eclectic crew. Not only do we typically reject overt, transparent and obvious commercialism (especially in this day and age of corporate takeovers and corruption, Rider fans tend to sympathize with the B-list), but many of us, having just come from a generation of 13 years of WAR (and several teen/child shooting tragedies ) reject showing a 15 year old bounce around with a cosmic weapon of mass destruction , nearly killing people left and right. Not only, to have well established Marvel icons like Thor and Captain America tolerating such actions among them…. it’s just crap! I know this was meant to be light hearted fare.. but its light hearted suckitude. (Edit: I don’t know if Sam now seemingly haveing his father condone his activity really makes anything better)

Especially, in other comics where this has been brought down to earth by marvel (Civil War, Star Brand). Marvel spent much of the Joe Quesada era re-inventing teen heroes as something irresponsible, and our real lives during that time validated that message…therfore this stuff just comes off as banal and trite.

Secondly, I reject that Rich Rider, my favorite character and everything he was, had to be put down for THIS. I’m sick of fans acting like the Nova namesake and costume were so arbitrarily easy to legacy out just because Rich belonged to a corps. That was the situation in comics, sure…but the reality was Rich Rider made that name. Marvel’s Nova was Rider. He built everything the name stood for.. he made the name. We are rightfully upset that not only is his legacy tarnished by a 15 year old, but the whole series has had a massive demographic and genre change. There are legacy scenarios we would have accepted.. but not this shit show, and it took me far longer than most to realize this. (Marvel’s gotten worse with this , giving us Rael Rider, a whole Nova corps family and even a non cosmo)

Its crazy to think that Sam’s whole series rejects the source material that just made and produced a multi million dollar movie that in 3 weeks will probably make more money than the whole comic book industry will earn in a year.

I’m kinda tired of saying it doesn’t have to be about Sam Alexander. It kinda does and IS. He just has not worked out as a character. He has not demonstrated the growth of his morals nor had a feasible enough “With great power comes great responsibility” moment. He is a 15 year old child way over his head and the game has changed how I look on this. That’s a deal breaker.

So I’m dropping Nova after next issue. It’s something I’ve tossed around…but frankly I am just through making excuses. I can’t support this comic with my dime anymore.  I don’t want to read about Nova “Trick or Treating” with the X-kids.

Frankly, I’m over even the potential for Sam and Rich to be some sort of duo. I’ve tossed around the Johnny Quest / Reese type relationship, but I just can’t take Sam. He’s too young, stupid, and he is going to get someone hurt. He needs to not be powered for a couple years. 15 is too young.

I know a lot of “Sam Fans” find us Rider fans annoying…fuck them! (EDIT: I’ve softened a bit on hating Sam. I no longer think it needs to be about putting either in the dumster) “Tools” like me (meaning Rider fans waiting to be tossed some god damn scrap) are what kept the shitty Sam series alive.  Let’s see the book survive on 12k (Edit: it nearly got that low, and frankly 161 on the top 200 is atrocius) sales without the die hard Nova fans…but each to his own…I have been clear on this blog about the problems with Sam and the new series…let there be no mix ups, even though many of the Sam fans will say we have no logic, and that we reject Sam simply because he’s not Rich. I started this site just so these points would be saved and available to be seen.

If Sam fans can’t identify with Rich, it’s a bunch of horsh shit. Rider’s prime was only a few years ago. Buy a freaking back issue and read the books…maybe then you will see why we are pissed. (EDIT: And as the cancerverse arc just gave us more ham fisted lore, it would be nice if a writer like Duggan or Bendis could read a back issue as well)

Some of you will agree, some of you won’t.  I’ve just had enough. I do hear some voices sounding off and I’m proud of everybody involved in the movement to bring back Rich…we all have our strategy and style. I encourage everyone to keep it up and to keep this fire lit.

And while I’m in Rant Mode (TM)  can we get a fucking editor on these books? I mean what the fuck happened to Bug after Assembled? How can you spell Rider’s name “Ryder” and then spell it right the next page? It’s the worse editing job I’ve ever seen in some sort of quasi collected marvel effort. Where the hell is Andy Schmidt or Bill Rosemann when you need them? (EDIT: Yup, this is still dreadful)

At a minimum, the core of these titles (Rocket, Nova, GOTG, Guardians 3k , ) need a central editor worth a shit.(Sliver surfer is doing OK and seems on its own little island) (EDIT: Still don’t have one…in fact Nova is really a non-entitiy in GOTG’s world, aside from Black Vortex suckitude)

I love Marvel comics, and hope they figure this mess out…and fast. (EDIT: Still haven’t)