Star Lord # 2

This series is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated books. In 2 issues , Humprhries has proven a real knack for this new incarnation of Star Lord, that is NO its not Giffen/DnA Quill ..but it is at least good. The art is on point and the humor and continuity are well done. I really like how Humprhies has included panels RE: this deal with Thanos that really give us a better reason to keep on reading, unlike Bendis book.

The book is delivering on a lot of the promises of Bendis original pitch..its got the feel of something like Firefly.

Starlin Infinity Revelation OGN

Really was quite happy with this work. The art and story are quite well done. I can see how some may not like the work…it’s a throwback to older Starlin themes and it seems a very personal and maybe even bitter work ?  It was well done. Personally, I didn’t feel the story was a rehash of all the older motifs. Sure you had Thanos and Warlock questing for some mythical infinite power spring, but the story had its own unique and viable tone. It was not as “trippy” as some people say, though with such a long break from Starlin, maybe I just enjoyed the trip.

Maybe this kind of story doesn’t fly in the new instant gratification marvel where continuity doesnt seem to matter and writers don’t even resolve their own plot points, but I found it a refreshing infusion of the Grand Master of cosmic…

GOTG movie.

A surprising mixed reaction. Overall I enjoyed the film. I laughed, I marveled at the insanely well executed CGI and visuals, and I walked away feeling like I had seen a polished summer flick.

But there was a lot I felt could have been better and I didn’t love it. I did not really feel like i was seeing DnA or Starlin’s visions come alive on the screen. Overall, I had a few problems that make me one of the (few) ones who are not as high on this film as you might think.

First off, Bautista’s Drax was absolutely abysmal. I cringed at the dialogue ..and yes I know some of this was by design. But it didn’t work. He didn’t work and he dragged down the movie. I’m not going to harp on what he should have been, but I think Gunn should have used the Giffen riddick esque Drax..

Next we have Gamora. I didn’t have much problem with her, aside from the fact Saldana is just a terrible actress who can’t act well. I struggled with some of the visuals of her as Gamora as well. She was just a bit too “damsel in distress” for my tastes. I would have preferred a bit more amoral version of Starlin fame.  As it was, her change of morals and betrayal of Thanos was just kinda odd and came off as forced writing and rushed.

Both those characters really struggled and it was tough to not cringe. Bautista was the bigger problem, but luckily most everyone else did a good job. My personal favorite was Pond as Nebula. I was never a huge fan of DnA’ s Nebula, as I was always a fan of the Starlin space diva..but this won me over.

Some of the changes were just nonsensical. Drax’s origin didnt even need to be discussed in much depth. It was silly to write off a potential Moondragon etc. Not sure why Star Lord got more motivation from a mom who died from Cancer VS aliens.I’m not sure how i feel about the Thanos scene. It was not that bad..but he was a bit cheshire cat-ish? I don’t get why Ronan needed to be such a non complex villain..his comic counter part is so much more fascinating and he seemed so dummed down. Thats not my Ronan.

The big issue I had was the movie almost had too much humor and seemed embarrassed of its source material. While Whedon’s Avengers had me thinking “Wow that embraced the source material”..I thought more like this movie struggled hard to window dress it. It desperately tried to sass up the source material with comedy and tongue and cheek and ended up relentlessly making fun of it. And now this “cosmic” MCU world seems so intrinsically tied to this level of satire that it almost seems like it NEEDS it. It seems like a Nova centurion can not forevermore pop up without someone making a fart joke as well….and that’s not true to the source material I read that was touted as this movie’s inspiration. That’s a very different feel from the Avengers stuff and I think it should have been tempered a bit. I laughed my ass off and enjoyed most of it here…but I’m concerned it went a bit too far. There were certainly a few jokes I just thought missed..especially some of the Reilly stuff with the Nova corps.

I didn’t really care for the depiction of the Nova Corps. The costumes looked fairly cheap and did not satisfy. Glenn Close as Nova Prime was not up to snuff…some of the scenes with her during the vaunted final Ronan attack were just awkward. Again, I’m not sure why Nova corpsman flying up like little iron men to fight the Dark Aster would have been any more ridiculous than star shaped ships. I’m not sure really why them linking up to form a barrier was a good move or power to have. Just some awkward changes that didn’t need to made.

Overall 3/5 stars and a worthwhile summer flick , but no legendary film on the level of Avengers.


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