Bendis speaks on Rider Arc…and DnA!

Here is a response to the above CBR interview of BMB recently RE :Rider..Its mind baffling stuff folks, as much as I hoped Bendis is not an ally of us. Not by a long shot, here was my response on CBR, which will probably get deleted, as they dont usually go for “critique of creator” type stuff. (Yep, they deleted it, go figure!)

Yeah this is truth…SK and here we ARE ! The biggest factor to be mad at Bendis is that his GOTG book has not been good…and if he did read the prior material, he would know that Rich and whatever happened in the cancerverse should have had a more lasting legacy on the book. (Just like you mention) It was really hard to buy Quill laying around in bed wondering what Kitty Pride was doing with this unresolved stuff still in the wind. The characters were just so unbelievable.

..and the underlying thing here is the Jeff Loeb plan to put forth a new Nova, which we all really know (even though no ones talking) was all a plan by Loeb to introduce a teen friendly Nova that would be featured. Bill Rosmeann recently said wrapping the DnA era was EDITORIAL MANDATED..not coming to some organic conclusion.. bendis is a powerful figure at marvel..if he’s going to say stuff like this he really puts himself on the side of what many of us RR fans consider the dishonest side of the whole deal. Your writing the characters…explain to us the situation in a timely manner!

I don’t like being lied to!

Even Alonso finally admitted they wanted to put big guns on GOTG and NOVA to earn money and use the names to attract new fans, which is cool that he came clean eventually but initially he towed the line of the DnA “organic” natural ending that was just not true and we all know it now.

So here we go Brian…this is why you come off really really bad here…if your going to talk like after Rosemann and Alonso both told everyone

Link to Rosemann interview:…ann-interview/

Link to summaray of Alonso comments:…s-galaxy-april

Here is another article that shows conflicting views and stories of why the DnA books ended:…ys-differently

DnA did not ever kill Rich Rider…his panel may have faded to white in mystery…but it was not a confirmed was vague and the type of comic situation that could easily be undone…as it was (undone that is) for every other character there..without explanation for 4 years. it was STANDARD fare for comic book writers, take your pieces off the chess board for use at a later date..and really it felt like that pretty much until a new Nova was announced and you realized Thanos Imperative had no lasting ramifications. (which really makes the death all the more superficial)

You (BENDIS) state the benefits of telling this story now, but after four years to just bring back Rider to show us just how irreversible his death really was? its rubbing salt in our we are still stuck with this lousy version of Nova that in NO WAY resembles what we used to have.

Your GOTG book has not been good, it has struggled to find a cohesive arc or mission. It feels empty and none of the characters are acting like the beloved characters from the DnA run or even the movie. You have established a track record with your writing in my view that has not been solid for some time…your Avengers was always disappointing and the Avengers Assembled arc with GOTG was one of the single worst quality pieces you have ever done, it felt rushed, ignored prior continuity, and seemed to have no real plan. These are the foundations that have us dread your future, unread to us work. Its based on a history of poor quality these days!

I personally think Bendis bears partial responsibility blame for sinking the DnA cosmic. He claimed before he “let them do their thing” but it was the lack of the DnA stuff in any relevance of what he (In Avengers)or the X books or “Main” marvel events that reduced the relevance of DnA and marginalized the audience! But I dont truly have any proof of I’ll admit that is just speculative on my part. How could the DnA guys not have a significant role in stuff like Secret Invasion? That and he actually actively ignored or undid things DnA were doing with some Ultron or Beyonder.

I’m not going to harp any more just so disappointing….at least it reinforces my call to drop NOVA after next issue and GOTG after the cancerverse arc. it also reinforces my call to be critical of Bendis through this process. Its just not OK.

..after that I’ll just be twiddling my thumbs thanking Bendis for giving us one last Rider arc as he is never seen again…I’ll still be here talking, but I wont be buying marvel anymore.


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