Some recent problems among Nova fans

I just want to point out, as I’ve seen a lot of editing on other message boards these days- eliminating any dissenting opinion RE: Rich Rider or Nova or Sam Alexander, who is not the real Nova. (IMO)

As I said, CBR eliminated my post below regarding the original Bendis / Symbiote interview. The reason they gave me was that it was “Non Constructive” . I do appreciate them at least getting back to me. Evidently, pointing out when someone is being dishonest in an interview is not something they want.

I have not used the term NINO much, but I’m not insulted by it. It does not really insult anyone (except a fictional character). Its an opinion, and even though you disagree with it, its non the less someone’s views. To some, Sam is Nova in Name only..aka NINO. Its not that big of a deal.

As I’ve stated, I have come to the decision that I feel the character of Sam Alexander should be ended..and I know this is going to bring a new level of criticism by some, but It is my opinion. I will always entertain people as to WHY I now feel this.

I’ve always disagreed with the notion that people who buy Sam’s book are “collaborators” or that it can be guaranteed sinking the book with sales or demanding fans not buy it is the best or only strategy to get Rider back. In fact, I’ve bought (and thus supported ) Sam’s book most of the run..if only because I am a Nova junkie and that i wanted to say I honestly gave the character a chance. Now, I find that i read the book only to provide an informed opinion on what it is doing wrong. I guess in this way I am trying to sink the book, but its been after careful review.

But the kicker is, I was never insulted or felt bullied by people who said don’t buy it. Its their opinion and hearing that viewpoint rounds out the gamut of emotions of Nova fans out there. We need that.

I’m pretty experienced with many of the Sam Alexander’s fans view’s. I’ve been on a lot of these threads for the whole deal. Some of them are a great land classy lot. Of the actual people buying the comic, a huge # of these people are not big Sam fans…another percentage are old Rider fans who think he is “OK” ..a very small percentage are true blue Sam fans. This percentage, even still very few are the actual minority who show up in Nova discussions and try to complain about the mere mention of the name Richard Rider. Or worse yet, claim to moderators they are insulted and hurt by comments in support of Rider or in counter opinion to their flawed logic.

Sam fans who don’t want to hear Rider’s name , or entertain any opinions regarding the DnA era sometimes cross the line. Sam uses NOVA as a name. Rider made this name..Richard Rider.

We have a HUGE problem when a group of Sam fans show up who don’t even know about Rich and claim to be true blue Nova fans…I’m not on board with this..and they need to understand how insulting THAT is . We are not going to peacefully co exist, so there is a problem going forward. It goes back to what i said in an earlier didn’t need to be about Sam, but now it kinda IS.

The thing we have to understand is a lot of these comic sites have other motivations. I could list them and break this down further, but most who read this would know what I’m talking about. It just be real nice if we could all be on the same page together.

I think this recent Bendis/Rosemann stuff just points out that there is a smoke trail of dishonesty out there (meaning its real)..and we Rider fans are not crazy. This makes people emotional and I just hope people running these boards get it. This kind of stuff is the basis for name calling against creators, which honestly, from what I’ve seen is rather tame and tongue and cheek. I do feel people need to have thicker skin and such abject sensitivity is not needed..

Frankly, I’ve observed first hand that Marvel/Disney has active agents out on these boards and in wikipedia , etc, doing all they can to eliminate dissenting views on Sam Alexander. Don’t under estimate that. This is not paranoia on my part, its real. There are massive corporate interests involved with Sam Alexander and no one should forget that.

Anyway we do need to get along here…and I hope we can stay focused…but lets also remember you cant agree with everyone and taking a stand is OK…


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