A new CBR Rosemann interview


NOTE: I do find the timing of this interview humorous, coming off the Bendis comments the other day. I’d guess CBR’s wings are clipped when it comes to editorializing, but part of me wonders, is this intentional? At any rate, it puts Bendis in his place..and both Rosemann interviews really show us a different side to the “Party line” on the end of this thing. Honestly, really impressed with CBR for once.


Its a great interview, Rosemann is a true asset to Marvel Comics!

I love this piece:

Another thing I’m curious about is the decision to kill off Star-Lord and Richard Rider at the end of “Thanos Imperative.” Obviously Star-Lord returned in 2012 in “Avengers Assemble” — was there a plan then to bring him back, or was it seen as the end of the character for a while?

“We knew it was time to end that run, and to let them step into the shadows again, so that they could possibly regroup and come back. If you’ll notice, when Richard and Peter “die” — you don’t see any bodies. They disappear, literally, in a flash of light. Our intention was, “Let’s give them a heroic, triumphant ending,” but let’s pass the baton. Let’s make it so whoever’s coming after us is able to do whatever they want. And that’s why you didn’t see charred skeletons. They sacrificed themselves. It was a heroic end, there was real grief felt by the characters that knew and loved them. They disappeared in a flash of light, and you’re able to read into that.

I can’t wait to read upcoming issues of “Guardians” to see what Bendis is going to say about what happened to Rich and Peter and Thanos during those ending moments in the Cancerverse. I’m refusing to look at pages. I’m waiting until the comic is in my bundle, and then I’m going to read it.

Kinda aCBR Interview

Much different take than what Bendis had to say the other day!!..
Also, here is alink to another Rosemann interview a few weeks back :..


it also gives some additional cool insight about some of the costume stuff for Quill,

Note in that interview he also clearly states they were “asked to shut it down” not the bit that DnA just made the call to end. He appears to be a bit more vague “it was time…yada” in CBR one

Ultimate both interviews paint a a very different picture of the ending of the DnA run…but man, he is right 5 years is a good stretch. All those guys should be proud, and Rosemann mentions most everybody here and really has a grasp of the product, even giving huge props to Breevoort. Its great stuff.

I do still wonder why Schmidt and Giffen didnt have something for them by marvel after Annihilation..still has always been kinda the 800 pound gorilla in the room..even though Giffen ended up doing that great Star Lord book…


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