Summer of “Spam Alexander” officially over!

Dang it was a good summer! Did we get to the factory yet in Spam Alexander’s ongoing? (Simpson’s Poochie reference, folks)

BTW why is Loeb’s book the only ones spamming the Chitauri?

Speaking of spamming, heres another comprehensive link to my fan fics, all in progress, ive found a better site to work on them from and will be using that more. My new episode of Nova Corps: Operation Red Dragon, is in full swing.



Review: Alien Legion: Uncivil War issues 1-3

While maybe I should have waited till issue 4 comes out, i picked up these books at my LCS the other day and just read them this weekend.

This series is what Sci fi comics are all about. Sure, they are not newbie friendly and heavy with the specific lingo and dialect of the Alien Legion world. Dixon is just masterful with this usage of idiom and technical terms, I could see how it could be divisive and tough to dive into, but it plays out more like fine cheese or wine once you get it down. (The backs of the issues contain glossaries, character profiles and nice catch up bits as well, much like “Nova Corps” Files)its much more pleasing to me to have to re-read a scene than to have everything “dumbed down” to ‘Firefly meets Sesame Street’ levels.(I’m looking at you Marvel Sci Fi post DnA).

Its also so nice to read a damn comic and not be done with it in three minutes. These are juicy bulky issues folks, and the stock and quality are top notch.

In general, one of my favorite sci fi series of the year and a very welcome read after a long break from good stuff. Tonight I find myself talking like Jugger Grimrod (‘bastich Jep Lob!) in my head.

I don’t know if marvel would ever be so bold as to model a Nova Corps series after something like this, but in my world it should be closer to this than the tickle me Elmo scenario we have.

I had heard some complaints about the art, but I found it very well done and served the story fine. I dug it.

4.5/5 stars, a must read for comic Sci Fi fans.

Star Lord # 3 Review


This is short review , I enjoy this book. It is well written, though intensely derivative. The cast is likable and Star Lord is fun, albeit drastically different than he used to be. I think this series will stick around. The art is phenomenal and Medina is right on . He draws Badoon so well.

Now for a few general thoughts that lean toward negativity:

I miss MY Star Lord…this aint him. Peter Quill died just the same as Rich did in Thanos Imperative folks, and this is proof positive.

I do groan at how changed  and “movie” ized this property has become. This issue even spams the classic rock motif (My Quill listened to 70s heavy metal and retro metal like The Sword!).Kitty Pryde (Can I spell her Pride as a slight to Bendis?) turns my stomach a bit. The overall book is just feeling like a (well done) rip of Firefly, which is , of course, fully by design.

Its just not a direction I hoped the character wound up. Its nice the MCU ID’d Star Lord as having mainstream potential, but he is just not the same guy any more. It bothered me so much when the “stealth guy” from Spartax basically says he cant hang with Quill because he’s too noisy and high profile. Yeah, old Quill rolls his eyes with that fact. I mean who is this guy? No I’m serious, who the F is this dude?

So, I guess if I want my pulpy Sci Fi military strategist I’ll have to read some fan fiction…Hmm.

BTW do not enjoy the “string out” with Thanos…between this, Nova and GOTG can we get something resolved before I hit 40 ?(Im 37). We’ve waited four damn years to resolve these cancerverse plots..I’m not up for being decompressed thank you.

Final Verdict: 3/5 Stars, this is another decent issue and good read ,great art, etc, its a great issue of “Arrogant Space Scoundrel Sci Fi Man”…but not so much Peter Quill, The Star Lord.

Nova # 20 Sales figures comments (Was it all worth it?)

I see Nova #20 stuck there on 24k sales. As some know who follow the blog, I just dropped the series, although I did buy #20. I see the sales of this book hanging in there with the “Axis” tie ins, Sam seems to have a big role in this big event now as well (go figure, 3 main events now), so the tie ins seem like they’ll pull some readers. Duggan’s bringing in some evil Hulk for a crossover so that will bring in Hulk readers no doubt. It is a good looking cover.. but it just bums me out. I just cant get over how spammed Sam is to us.

This book will probably hang around for another year or so. The bottom line is, it is successful enough to keep around. It’s sad because after 36 issues, plus 4 more from the mini, Rich Rider’s last series was good enough to keep around as well. The sales were about the same, albeit Marvel gets $3.99 for Sam. I could argue that stuff all day, but we’ve been there before…just scroll down to see all those thoughts and bitchery of the Sam V Rich debate. It’s also sad because this book really bothers me. In some ways, its the biggest polished turd in marvel cosmic history. It spits (maybe this is somewhat strong of a word) on what came before it, all the while taking advantage of those old fans by abusing the Nova name. It strings out the whereabouts of Rich Rider and dangling DnA characters. I’m not sticking around to beg for DnA scraps from the Loeb table. Our only hope is somewhere, somebody cool and hip (Mark Waid? Please?) is pitching a great Rider book (behind someones back if they do it right)! concept that convinces Marvel squeezing out 24k fans month to month is worth dropping for a more advanced concept. (Which should hence forth be called getting LOEB’D) I still maintain a Nova book can be a regular top 25 seller.

And with the similar sales and whatever logic we can muster to say Sam Alexander is not in cancellation range, we still need to ask the question: was it all worth it?? Was it worth making a decent and dedicated fan base mad and upset? Was it worth splitting us up into squabbling factions? Of course, I say no it was not…I just hope Marvel, the company we all love, can some day fix this.

Duggan seems like a decent guy, I don’t hate him. I think he has talent as well. I saw he dropped a “Blue Blazes” when talking about MCU recently in Newsarama. I’m not sure if he did it as a nod to Rich, or just thinks it is some general Nova thing. He needs to infuse more Nova lore in his product. I gave him credit for the BRB arc, it was a really solid piece.. I almost thought the book was going to turn around after that solid arc. But it has gone back downhill since. The once solid art has become substandard for my tastes as well. This Baldeon draws Sam like a goofy scarecrow. In Duggan’s defense, I wonder how much play he had in the script for this book…my guess is very little and the overall plans in motion are still Jeph Loeb’s. The book is just tie in after tie in…Duggan has hardly had time to do anything with Sam.

I got Alien Legion: Uncivil War Issues 1-3 sitting on my dining room table, looking forward to giving those a read. I have been branching out into DC and Giffen’s work as well, picked up The Forever people and some of the Futures End stuff…its well written but confusing to jump into. Damn I thought simplification was the whole reason they did the new 52? I guess it’s just time to start looking elsewhere for my sci fi comic fix.

BTW some fans seem to be confused about the seemingly low sales for Rich in GOTG #18…remember the book was released on the we should see some play with that figure. The book sold very well.

REVIEWS GOTG #18 and NOVA #20 “The Good and the BAD”


GOTG # 18

I made the mistake of spoiling myself on the general reviews of this issue before I got it. I enjoyed the book.

I think this issue may have been the single best Bendis comic I have read before. It was a well paced, brilliantly (and that is no understatement) drawn, well done flashback action tale that was a decent blend of fluid plot motion and Bendis’ dialogue. I am , however, holding back on the “crow eating” until the arc is done..Bendis IS still on the hook for some subpar work on this series to date. That is not erased.

Rich comes off as pretty powerful. He is written in good character. Frankly, I thought the behavior of all those here came off as well done. Thanos came off as groggy, but I do think attempted negotiations would be how he would play it, and his history with the cube was acknowledged.

He wrote everyone fairly well here and nobody comes off too bad.

Some minor complaints.

-This comes off as a Thanos /Quill story..not a Rider story, but Rider is certainly not ignored.

-Again, the element gun was a goof. Star Lord didn’t use it in the DnA stuff.

-It is “Rider” Bendis..not “Ryder”

Shit, that’s a about it. It’s been a rough ride for Rider fans for the past few years. Even if it breaks bad from here on out in the arc, this was a good memory for Rider fans. That cover is awesome as well, one of the years best covers. I really wish Bendis could have given us this arc around issue #4 where it belonged….I am looking forward to what’s next.

A very polished, solid comic though.

4.5/5 stars


..and now the BAD


Nova # 20

 Imagine going from Ed McG drawing Thanos and Rider to this..! What a let down…

I’m not going to go long on this, it was a poor issue. The arc felt rushed and the plot didn’t even make a bit of sense. Once again, things end up being less interesting than they seem, story is brushed over and huge square pegs are force fed in round holes.

Let me quickly break this down.

Abadox sends this kid to a super Nova facility where he can find any weapon etc. and essentially devise some way to defeat Abadox (which he does). Its moronic. SO much just doesnt link up with logic, like for instance why Abadox would even bother having an antidote if he was just going to kill the two?

What happened to the supposed Nova Prime/ Richard Rider helmet we were shown last issue? Did Duggan just forget about that?..the characters seem was not even mentioned? Not only does the series brush off old continuity from the DnA era, it continues to brush off or halfass its OWN this case a somewhat major reveal the last freakin issue.Absurd.

Once again folks, the scam is easy, string the few Rider fans hanging on, like me, out and never give them answers.That will be $3.99. Well, not any more.

Rocket Raccoon acts nothing more than a mad blithering idiot this whole arc, and Baldeon draws him like he’s some sort of Wolfman (No pun intended to ol’ Marv) freak show midget, which adds to the problem. He draws Sam like a gawky toddler.

Once again folks, some Nova history discovered that makes no sense nor matches with anything we have seen before. The book still feels like an Ultimate version of Nova lore. I don’t even quite get what Sam’s explanation was for what the Black Novas really were..again comic books have problems when you attempt to resolve points off panel. Sam might as well said “Black Novas Yadayada”. This book and issue tried to do too much off panel and it really suffered.

This book gets a couple of stars for the final scenes with Jesse and Cosmo. At any rate, it is my last issue of the book as I stated before I am finished with this arc.

Honestly though, If Jesse does turn out to be Rich and is truly counting on a 15 year old to bail him out, its the dumbest plan in history. I wont know. I’ll be writing a longer blog spot here on my whole “after action review” of Loeb’s Nova. It wont be kind.

2/5 stars