REVIEWS GOTG #18 and NOVA #20 “The Good and the BAD”


GOTG # 18

I made the mistake of spoiling myself on the general reviews of this issue before I got it. I enjoyed the book.

I think this issue may have been the single best Bendis comic I have read before. It was a well paced, brilliantly (and that is no understatement) drawn, well done flashback action tale that was a decent blend of fluid plot motion and Bendis’ dialogue. I am , however, holding back on the “crow eating” until the arc is done..Bendis IS still on the hook for some subpar work on this series to date. That is not erased.

Rich comes off as pretty powerful. He is written in good character. Frankly, I thought the behavior of all those here came off as well done. Thanos came off as groggy, but I do think attempted negotiations would be how he would play it, and his history with the cube was acknowledged.

He wrote everyone fairly well here and nobody comes off too bad.

Some minor complaints.

-This comes off as a Thanos /Quill story..not a Rider story, but Rider is certainly not ignored.

-Again, the element gun was a goof. Star Lord didn’t use it in the DnA stuff.

-It is “Rider” Bendis..not “Ryder”

Shit, that’s a about it. It’s been a rough ride for Rider fans for the past few years. Even if it breaks bad from here on out in the arc, this was a good memory for Rider fans. That cover is awesome as well, one of the years best covers. I really wish Bendis could have given us this arc around issue #4 where it belonged….I am looking forward to what’s next.

A very polished, solid comic though.

4.5/5 stars


..and now the BAD


Nova # 20

 Imagine going from Ed McG drawing Thanos and Rider to this..! What a let down…

I’m not going to go long on this, it was a poor issue. The arc felt rushed and the plot didn’t even make a bit of sense. Once again, things end up being less interesting than they seem, story is brushed over and huge square pegs are force fed in round holes.

Let me quickly break this down.

Abadox sends this kid to a super Nova facility where he can find any weapon etc. and essentially devise some way to defeat Abadox (which he does). Its moronic. SO much just doesnt link up with logic, like for instance why Abadox would even bother having an antidote if he was just going to kill the two?

What happened to the supposed Nova Prime/ Richard Rider helmet we were shown last issue? Did Duggan just forget about that?..the characters seem was not even mentioned? Not only does the series brush off old continuity from the DnA era, it continues to brush off or halfass its OWN this case a somewhat major reveal the last freakin issue.Absurd.

Once again folks, the scam is easy, string the few Rider fans hanging on, like me, out and never give them answers.That will be $3.99. Well, not any more.

Rocket Raccoon acts nothing more than a mad blithering idiot this whole arc, and Baldeon draws him like he’s some sort of Wolfman (No pun intended to ol’ Marv) freak show midget, which adds to the problem. He draws Sam like a gawky toddler.

Once again folks, some Nova history discovered that makes no sense nor matches with anything we have seen before. The book still feels like an Ultimate version of Nova lore. I don’t even quite get what Sam’s explanation was for what the Black Novas really were..again comic books have problems when you attempt to resolve points off panel. Sam might as well said “Black Novas Yadayada”. This book and issue tried to do too much off panel and it really suffered.

This book gets a couple of stars for the final scenes with Jesse and Cosmo. At any rate, it is my last issue of the book as I stated before I am finished with this arc.

Honestly though, If Jesse does turn out to be Rich and is truly counting on a 15 year old to bail him out, its the dumbest plan in history. I wont know. I’ll be writing a longer blog spot here on my whole “after action review” of Loeb’s Nova. It wont be kind.

2/5 stars




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