Nova # 20 Sales figures comments (Was it all worth it?)

I see Nova #20 stuck there on 24k sales. As some know who follow the blog, I just dropped the series, although I did buy #20. I see the sales of this book hanging in there with the “Axis” tie ins, Sam seems to have a big role in this big event now as well (go figure, 3 main events now), so the tie ins seem like they’ll pull some readers. Duggan’s bringing in some evil Hulk for a crossover so that will bring in Hulk readers no doubt. It is a good looking cover.. but it just bums me out. I just cant get over how spammed Sam is to us.

This book will probably hang around for another year or so. The bottom line is, it is successful enough to keep around. It’s sad because after 36 issues, plus 4 more from the mini, Rich Rider’s last series was good enough to keep around as well. The sales were about the same, albeit Marvel gets $3.99 for Sam. I could argue that stuff all day, but we’ve been there before…just scroll down to see all those thoughts and bitchery of the Sam V Rich debate. It’s also sad because this book really bothers me. In some ways, its the biggest polished turd in marvel cosmic history. It spits (maybe this is somewhat strong of a word) on what came before it, all the while taking advantage of those old fans by abusing the Nova name. It strings out the whereabouts of Rich Rider and dangling DnA characters. I’m not sticking around to beg for DnA scraps from the Loeb table. Our only hope is somewhere, somebody cool and hip (Mark Waid? Please?) is pitching a great Rider book (behind someones back if they do it right)! concept that convinces Marvel squeezing out 24k fans month to month is worth dropping for a more advanced concept. (Which should hence forth be called getting LOEB’D) I still maintain a Nova book can be a regular top 25 seller.

And with the similar sales and whatever logic we can muster to say Sam Alexander is not in cancellation range, we still need to ask the question: was it all worth it?? Was it worth making a decent and dedicated fan base mad and upset? Was it worth splitting us up into squabbling factions? Of course, I say no it was not…I just hope Marvel, the company we all love, can some day fix this.

Duggan seems like a decent guy, I don’t hate him. I think he has talent as well. I saw he dropped a “Blue Blazes” when talking about MCU recently in Newsarama. I’m not sure if he did it as a nod to Rich, or just thinks it is some general Nova thing. He needs to infuse more Nova lore in his product. I gave him credit for the BRB arc, it was a really solid piece.. I almost thought the book was going to turn around after that solid arc. But it has gone back downhill since. The once solid art has become substandard for my tastes as well. This Baldeon draws Sam like a goofy scarecrow. In Duggan’s defense, I wonder how much play he had in the script for this book…my guess is very little and the overall plans in motion are still Jeph Loeb’s. The book is just tie in after tie in…Duggan has hardly had time to do anything with Sam.

I got Alien Legion: Uncivil War Issues 1-3 sitting on my dining room table, looking forward to giving those a read. I have been branching out into DC and Giffen’s work as well, picked up The Forever people and some of the Futures End stuff…its well written but confusing to jump into. Damn I thought simplification was the whole reason they did the new 52? I guess it’s just time to start looking elsewhere for my sci fi comic fix.

BTW some fans seem to be confused about the seemingly low sales for Rich in GOTG #18…remember the book was released on the we should see some play with that figure. The book sold very well.


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