Star Lord # 3 Review


This is short review , I enjoy this book. It is well written, though intensely derivative. The cast is likable and Star Lord is fun, albeit drastically different than he used to be. I think this series will stick around. The art is phenomenal and Medina is right on . He draws Badoon so well.

Now for a few general thoughts that lean toward negativity:

I miss MY Star Lord…this aint him. Peter Quill died just the same as Rich did in Thanos Imperative folks, and this is proof positive.

I do groan at how changed  and “movie” ized this property has become. This issue even spams the classic rock motif (My Quill listened to 70s heavy metal and retro metal like The Sword!).Kitty Pryde (Can I spell her Pride as a slight to Bendis?) turns my stomach a bit. The overall book is just feeling like a (well done) rip of Firefly, which is , of course, fully by design.

Its just not a direction I hoped the character wound up. Its nice the MCU ID’d Star Lord as having mainstream potential, but he is just not the same guy any more. It bothered me so much when the “stealth guy” from Spartax basically says he cant hang with Quill because he’s too noisy and high profile. Yeah, old Quill rolls his eyes with that fact. I mean who is this guy? No I’m serious, who the F is this dude?

So, I guess if I want my pulpy Sci Fi military strategist I’ll have to read some fan fiction…Hmm.

BTW do not enjoy the “string out” with Thanos…between this, Nova and GOTG can we get something resolved before I hit 40 ?(Im 37). We’ve waited four damn years to resolve these cancerverse plots..I’m not up for being decompressed thank you.

Final Verdict: 3/5 Stars, this is another decent issue and good read ,great art, etc, its a great issue of “Arrogant Space Scoundrel Sci Fi Man”…but not so much Peter Quill, The Star Lord.


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