Review: Alien Legion: Uncivil War issues 1-3

While maybe I should have waited till issue 4 comes out, i picked up these books at my LCS the other day and just read them this weekend.

This series is what Sci fi comics are all about. Sure, they are not newbie friendly and heavy with the specific lingo and dialect of the Alien Legion world. Dixon is just masterful with this usage of idiom and technical terms, I could see how it could be divisive and tough to dive into, but it plays out more like fine cheese or wine once you get it down. (The backs of the issues contain glossaries, character profiles and nice catch up bits as well, much like “Nova Corps” Files)its much more pleasing to me to have to re-read a scene than to have everything “dumbed down” to ‘Firefly meets Sesame Street’ levels.(I’m looking at you Marvel Sci Fi post DnA).

Its also so nice to read a damn comic and not be done with it in three minutes. These are juicy bulky issues folks, and the stock and quality are top notch.

In general, one of my favorite sci fi series of the year and a very welcome read after a long break from good stuff. Tonight I find myself talking like Jugger Grimrod (‘bastich Jep Lob!) in my head.

I don’t know if marvel would ever be so bold as to model a Nova Corps series after something like this, but in my world it should be closer to this than the tickle me Elmo scenario we have.

I had heard some complaints about the art, but I found it very well done and served the story fine. I dug it.

4.5/5 stars, a must read for comic Sci Fi fans.


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