Master list of outstanding questions/ continuity goofs (RE : NOVA and GOTG)

-Let’s go all the way back to AoU, which was written by Brian Michael Bendis (BMB) When we all saw Rich Rider when time was broken we figured something in the cancerverse must have been related to the story..turns out that was wrong. Why did they even show that pic of Rider?

-Why did Nick Fury have a Nova helmet in his armory?

Here is the quick hitters that don’t make any sense now

– Why would Star Lord ever seek out Sam Alexander and demand to know how his powers worked or where he came from?

-Why did Thanos have those Nova Helmets and the Nova looking suit that one time? Why did he react to want to kill Sam Alexander because of this?

-If Gamora and Rocket were not in on this, and never knew what happened to Rich, wouldn’t they be like WTF Sam?

-Where has the impact of this story been in Peter Quill over the last two years? Seems like he doesn’t give two shits about what went on here. (Same for Drax, who may have gotten a total of 10 words in all that 2 years)

-What is the point of Drax in Bendis GOTG or this story?

-Where the hell is the DnA Nova Corps?

-Why wouldn’t Quasar be involved in this? He was like Rich’s second best friend.

-What happened to the supporting characters from DnA in GOTG and forgotten Corps members?

-Why did Phoenix say Sam “Did not belong” ?(I mean that was like 3 years ago right?)

-Why did they just blow off Jesse Alexander being an Alcoholic?

-Black Novas, who are they really?…can this be explained to me on panel?

Where the hell were the Black Novas when everything else has happened to the Nova Force in the last 30 years?

-Why did the other Black Nova helms stop working but Sam’s still works?

What power does Sam draw from if the Black Nova helm “Taps” into the Nova force?

-Who the hell is Jesse? Who the hell is Sam’s mom? Why did Jesse leave Sam and the family without the Nova helmet? Why would Jesse never look up Rich Rider or any other Heroes? Why was Jesse inactive and a janitor when he could have been a hero?

-Why was Jesse getting an ultimate Nullifier?

-Who set up Sam  to be trained by Gamora and Rocket? (For that like 20 min of training he got)

-According to 15 years ago marvel time would put Jesse as an active Nova before FF#1. Why did Rocket and Gamora work with the Black Novas in basically pre FF 1 Marvel before either Gamora or Rocket were active?

If no one got an explanation for Rider’s death, why did Cosmo, Beta Ray Bill, The Avengers , New Warriors and like “Everybody” just accept that a new Nova had popped up and was out superheroing around?

-Why did Sam just stop collecting the Nova Helmets? Why did he not even get that one off Abadox that was said to be Rider’s?

-Why did Star Lord have some sort of vendetta against Thanos? Basically Thanos saved them in the cancerverse (This seemed like a botched storyline to me)

-Does it make any sense that Sam would ditch looking for his dad just because “he heard” he escaped?

-Where the hell did those Korbinites come from in the Beta Ray Bill arc? Bill was the last of his race.

-What the hell is Galadoria?

-Was that Star dust’s spear? WHy did it say Galactus herald before the universe was created?

-How did Cosmo know Sam’s dad, and why would he call him the “Old Nova”

– If Rider died in the cancerverse, and you can’t die there…wouldn’t Quill think maybe he is still alive?

-why did Rider forget Namorita?

-How could they just head back into the cancerverse in that messy assembled arc?

-what happened to Bug and Mantis?

– What’s the deal with world mind?

– Did Peter Quill get to keep the statue of him on Halaa? Or did they just chip him off?

…and finally what the hell happened to Malik Tarcel and WHAT was GARTHAAN SAAL STILL DOING ALIVE???!


Reaction to GOTG #20 (In progress)

Sucks man, not sure if anyone is still in the dark about Rider’s “fate” (that was actually what happened back in Jan 2010) But GOTG #20 is out and its not a great situation.

I’ll write something up reacting to it…but nothing changes. He’s still gone and we all need to keep the heat on marvel to tell them its not ok.

Meanwhile, feel free to join me in my boycott of Spam Alexander and all marvel comics. I didnt buy this issue either…i just found out what happned and have looked over huge chunks of it.

My Nova Vol.5 Hindsight (stick a fork in her she is done)

I finished buying this series…dropped it at issue 19 due to poor quality. Here are 5 things it did right and 5 things it did wrong. I’m kind and respectful here, but could probably add more to what it did wrong.

5 things this series did right

  1. Put top talent on the book– Although I was personally not a fan (of Loeb, big Ed McG fan), Marvel put some names that will draw folks in with Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness. Paco Medina was a great answer to Ed McG leaving. It was nice to see Mark Waid write a few Nova stories as well.
  2. Put Nova in major events– If that was RIchard RIder in those events, I’d be happy.I do think it works to show off a toy or , in this case, a new toy…problem is the product has to be good to seal the deal. This aspect was missing from RIchard RIder’s run.He was never shown off in the big “main marvel events”..
  3. Have a multi media approach to sell Nova– This was a good idea, again the product needs to be up to snuff or else it will not work. If the stream is sour then it does not work to lead a horse to water.
  4. Back your guy– Nobody at marvel wants to break that Sam Alexander is a bad idea and not working…at least they support him. Conversely, Rich seemed like he was going to be killed off  every other month for 36 years.
  5. Put Nova on the Avengers– Rich got a shot and the book was a top ten seller with him on the team. Sam was not technically a member but the fact he was invited and chronically spends time with them made comic fans pay attention..too bad the book just was not good and the character didn’t work.

NOW 5 things this series did wrong! (and by the fact I dropped the book, it probably did more than 5!)

  1. Get the right people– I’m not going to dive into it too much, but Loeb doesnt have a good track record for building new properties that work at Marvel. Not to mention, if it was possible for him to leave after only 1 arc and 6 issues..then maybe someone else should have been selected for the job. Which brings me to my next point…
  2. Embrace Stability- get someone from the start who is committed to the cause and passionate to the project they are taking on. Nova began with a very decompressed 6 issue origin arc and then hit a series of crossovers and event tie in filler issues that lead nowhere. Don’t assume people will show up just because something is shiny and new. The book went on to see 3 writers in 10 issues. Others like Mark Waid took a shot at the character in 2 one shots. There was no ownership of Sam Alexander…which bolstered his poor character and status as a corporate marvel venture. Fans don’t bond with that!
  3. Respect the history of the character– Sam Nova tossed a couple bones to fans early with Terrax and Diamondhead cameos..It mixed in a New Warriors nod and the notion of a far different Nova corps than most fans knew. The book rarely mentioned Richard Rider or the old Nova’s name until over a year into the run. Overrall the book just didn’t seem interested in acknowledging the prior era…one that was much beloved and popular. Not enough was done to bridge the two series.
  4. Tie up or progress plot points– The new book has been terrible here. This does not even include the burning question of “What Happened to Richard Rider”..since Sam Alexander burst on the scene here are some examples of plot points we have not seen expounded upon, unfinished or poorly finished up:


1- Phoenix said SAM “didn’t belong” –why? That was over 2 years ago.

2- Why were Gamora and Raccoon active so many years ago and assisting the Nova corps?

3- Who was Jesse ALexander and how did he fit into past Nova lore?

4- What happened to Jesse ALexander being an Alcoholic? Why was this just brushed away?

5- WHo are the Black Novas? I mean who are they really? What were they doing all those years ? Why have we never seen them before?

6-Why did Thanos have those Nova Corps helmets?

7-Why did Sam stop collecting the Nova Corps helmets? Why was his mission of finding the old Nova Corps abandoned?

8- Why would Sam not just get a job to support his family?

  1. Why would Sam’s dad just leave the nova helmet kicking around?
  2. Why would Sam’s mom tolerate a 15 year old run around and get into so much danger? Who is Sam’s mom?

11.What happened to the DnA Nova Corps? What happened to all the DnA Supporting characters?

12. Why were Jesse and Titus getting an ultimate Nullifier?

That’s 12 points off the top of my head…I can probably think of 10 more.Again sometimes we need to feel a story is being advanced.

5. “EMBRACE THE CORE FANS” This was a quote from Joe Quesada in regards to the MCU. It made no sense to revamp the whole genre and target audience of this series and treat the fans of the old volume so poorly. You have a pretty stable selling book, why not reward those fans with some respect! 30k sellers are nothing to bat an eye at..You should encourage fans to come back to the table if you want to try some new stuff…but make it fit. This series switched genres to a teen book…and an infantile one at that. Obviously there is still a demand for Richard Rider material, with what went on in the Video Game, the Legends figure etc..There should have been a more coherent plan to please fans of Rich.


SO this Nova Corps Fan fiction I’ve been working on is basically done, very long and still working out some edits. Its 25 chapters w/ the prologue. Coming soon I’ll post some concept art for characters I was drawing.

Twenty years in the future, the Nova Corps are involved in a bitter intergalactic conflict to save the Universe from the threat of an aggressive Badoon empire. As the Battle of Pericles’ Crossing faces a brutal Badoon counterattack, the Nova Corps work out a daring gambit to save the Andromeda Galaxy from total destruction. Starring Denarion James Luck, Centurion Crystar, Richard Rider, Starfox, Nick Fury, Vance Astro, The Mighty Avengers and a slew of other Marvel heroes.



NYCC ire..


SO after NYCC, disappointed with marvel.

First off, from a Nova standpoint, there’s no real news. Someone got in a Rider question which represented us well. I guess Duggan said he may get to explaining where the DnA Nova Corps are, but honestly it sounded like a blow off.  I wouldn’t count on it and wont be holding my breath. Duggan already said those guys died off panel in the Cancerverse and there is no worse way to treat the fans of the old stuff.

Not seeing any shot of seeing Rider much in the next year after he is perma death’d in GOTG 20 and turned into Jesse Alexander’s jock strap.

How these guys claim to respect DnA and Giffen yet piss on them with the new work all the time blows my mind. GOTG has some garbage crossover thats only 2 issues “Black Vortex” or some such, a Gamora book who will be based on the new less psycho and lusty Gamora. So a comic chick Rider banged (several times) gets a new book, but nary a rich shot at NYCC. So not much news. They didn’t even give us a single piece of actual art for the GOTG event.

I was looking for a more solid announcement of what Starlin is going to be up to in 2015, but natch a no go.

Oh yeah, the best news was Darkhawk is going to pop up in a 2015 Cosmic book.

I just wanted to reflect on how crazy marvel is overall. Things have gotten bad.

The (other) books that were announced are all gonna be failures. Hawkeye and Ant man wont sell. The only interesting thing is Hickman’s Secret War, which isnt enough to make me buy. Hickman’s just been too damn long winded for me.

Seeing things like Silk and Gwen Spidey titles just blows my god damn mind. Marvel seems so set that bringing back Rich and having two Novas out there would be so confusing and ridiculous, yet they spam us with spider characters. (Let alone Spider woman characters!)

A spider event with every spider man ever, several tie ins and spider books three damn new spider female books alone will be going out in 2015! What the fuck? And we can’t get 2 damn Novas!

Marvel truly knows how to spam the market and kill its own products. Personally, the only spider woman who ever interested me was the real cool Julia Carpenter.  (I also liked the MC2 Spider Girl) I really would love to see her more. Spider Girl from MC2 was a nice book, she ran for what 100 issues? is marvel really expecting steady 40 k seller from Silk?

Marvel did the same thing with teen books in 2014, spamming four out at once and letting them fight for themselves. It basically killed all of them, even hogwash new Ultimates direction.

I was looking in depth at the diamond sales estimates for the past decade and since Joe Q took over. The sales have basically never improved…maybe a brief spike in 2008 ish due to Civil War , Planet Hulk and Annihilation, a solid and profitable Ultimates line but otherwise the same approximate sales.  Marvel’s done nothing but LOSE market share during that time…way down from highs back then. Axel Alonso’s regime has been a huge disaster as the market share gap between DC and Marvel has closed.

Disney really needs to rethink the control of Marvel and the leadership..because this stuff isnt working.

Oh yeah, all these people psyched for the Netflix stuff…just remember Jeph Loeb and look at that stupid black suit they are going to roll out for DD. Maybe they can get Lou Ferrigno to come in and someone can play some sad 80s Hulk music. The only thing more cheery was the peanuts “Christmas time song” that made me want to jump off a bridge.

Remember ..Jeph LOEB