NYCC ire..


SO after NYCC, disappointed with marvel.

First off, from a Nova standpoint, there’s no real news. Someone got in a Rider question which represented us well. I guess Duggan said he may get to explaining where the DnA Nova Corps are, but honestly it sounded like a blow off.  I wouldn’t count on it and wont be holding my breath. Duggan already said those guys died off panel in the Cancerverse and there is no worse way to treat the fans of the old stuff.

Not seeing any shot of seeing Rider much in the next year after he is perma death’d in GOTG 20 and turned into Jesse Alexander’s jock strap.

How these guys claim to respect DnA and Giffen yet piss on them with the new work all the time blows my mind. GOTG has some garbage crossover thats only 2 issues “Black Vortex” or some such, a Gamora book who will be based on the new less psycho and lusty Gamora. So a comic chick Rider banged (several times) gets a new book, but nary a rich shot at NYCC. So not much news. They didn’t even give us a single piece of actual art for the GOTG event.

I was looking for a more solid announcement of what Starlin is going to be up to in 2015, but natch a no go.

Oh yeah, the best news was Darkhawk is going to pop up in a 2015 Cosmic book.

I just wanted to reflect on how crazy marvel is overall. Things have gotten bad.

The (other) books that were announced are all gonna be failures. Hawkeye and Ant man wont sell. The only interesting thing is Hickman’s Secret War, which isnt enough to make me buy. Hickman’s just been too damn long winded for me.

Seeing things like Silk and Gwen Spidey titles just blows my god damn mind. Marvel seems so set that bringing back Rich and having two Novas out there would be so confusing and ridiculous, yet they spam us with spider characters. (Let alone Spider woman characters!)

A spider event with every spider man ever, several tie ins and spider books three damn new spider female books alone will be going out in 2015! What the fuck? And we can’t get 2 damn Novas!

Marvel truly knows how to spam the market and kill its own products. Personally, the only spider woman who ever interested me was the real cool Julia Carpenter.  (I also liked the MC2 Spider Girl) I really would love to see her more. Spider Girl from MC2 was a nice book, she ran for what 100 issues? is marvel really expecting steady 40 k seller from Silk?

Marvel did the same thing with teen books in 2014, spamming four out at once and letting them fight for themselves. It basically killed all of them, even hogwash new Ultimates direction.

I was looking in depth at the diamond sales estimates for the past decade and since Joe Q took over. The sales have basically never improved…maybe a brief spike in 2008 ish due to Civil War , Planet Hulk and Annihilation, a solid and profitable Ultimates line but otherwise the same approximate sales.  Marvel’s done nothing but LOSE market share during that time…way down from highs back then. Axel Alonso’s regime has been a huge disaster as the market share gap between DC and Marvel has closed.

Disney really needs to rethink the control of Marvel and the leadership..because this stuff isnt working.

Oh yeah, all these people psyched for the Netflix stuff…just remember Jeph Loeb and look at that stupid black suit they are going to roll out for DD. Maybe they can get Lou Ferrigno to come in and someone can play some sad 80s Hulk music. The only thing more cheery was the peanuts “Christmas time song” that made me want to jump off a bridge.

Remember ..Jeph LOEB


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