Master list of outstanding questions/ continuity goofs (RE : NOVA and GOTG)

-Let’s go all the way back to AoU, which was written by Brian Michael Bendis (BMB) When we all saw Rich Rider when time was broken we figured something in the cancerverse must have been related to the story..turns out that was wrong. Why did they even show that pic of Rider?

-Why did Nick Fury have a Nova helmet in his armory?

Here is the quick hitters that don’t make any sense now

– Why would Star Lord ever seek out Sam Alexander and demand to know how his powers worked or where he came from?

-Why did Thanos have those Nova Helmets and the Nova looking suit that one time? Why did he react to want to kill Sam Alexander because of this?

-If Gamora and Rocket were not in on this, and never knew what happened to Rich, wouldn’t they be like WTF Sam?

-Where has the impact of this story been in Peter Quill over the last two years? Seems like he doesn’t give two shits about what went on here. (Same for Drax, who may have gotten a total of 10 words in all that 2 years)

-What is the point of Drax in Bendis GOTG or this story?

-Where the hell is the DnA Nova Corps?

-Why wouldn’t Quasar be involved in this? He was like Rich’s second best friend.

-What happened to the supporting characters from DnA in GOTG and forgotten Corps members?

-Why did Phoenix say Sam “Did not belong” ?(I mean that was like 3 years ago right?)

-Why did they just blow off Jesse Alexander being an Alcoholic?

-Black Novas, who are they really?…can this be explained to me on panel?

Where the hell were the Black Novas when everything else has happened to the Nova Force in the last 30 years?

-Why did the other Black Nova helms stop working but Sam’s still works?

What power does Sam draw from if the Black Nova helm “Taps” into the Nova force?

-Who the hell is Jesse? Who the hell is Sam’s mom? Why did Jesse leave Sam and the family without the Nova helmet? Why would Jesse never look up Rich Rider or any other Heroes? Why was Jesse inactive and a janitor when he could have been a hero?

-Why was Jesse getting an ultimate Nullifier?

-Who set up Sam  to be trained by Gamora and Rocket? (For that like 20 min of training he got)

-According to 15 years ago marvel time would put Jesse as an active Nova before FF#1. Why did Rocket and Gamora work with the Black Novas in basically pre FF 1 Marvel before either Gamora or Rocket were active?

If no one got an explanation for Rider’s death, why did Cosmo, Beta Ray Bill, The Avengers , New Warriors and like “Everybody” just accept that a new Nova had popped up and was out superheroing around?

-Why did Sam just stop collecting the Nova Helmets? Why did he not even get that one off Abadox that was said to be Rider’s?

-Why did Star Lord have some sort of vendetta against Thanos? Basically Thanos saved them in the cancerverse (This seemed like a botched storyline to me)

-Does it make any sense that Sam would ditch looking for his dad just because “he heard” he escaped?

-Where the hell did those Korbinites come from in the Beta Ray Bill arc? Bill was the last of his race.

-What the hell is Galadoria?

-Was that Star dust’s spear? WHy did it say Galactus herald before the universe was created?

-How did Cosmo know Sam’s dad, and why would he call him the “Old Nova”

– If Rider died in the cancerverse, and you can’t die there…wouldn’t Quill think maybe he is still alive?

-why did Rider forget Namorita?

-How could they just head back into the cancerverse in that messy assembled arc?

-what happened to Bug and Mantis?

– What’s the deal with world mind?

– Did Peter Quill get to keep the statue of him on Halaa? Or did they just chip him off?

…and finally what the hell happened to Malik Tarcel and WHAT was GARTHAAN SAAL STILL DOING ALIVE???!


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