Post on CBR’s NOVA 22 “Review” / my farewell post to CBR

Here is a copied post of my response to CBR’s “Review” of Nova #22 (note review spelled with huge fucking quotes / bunny ears). I’m not going to link it, and it will probably be deleted in less than five minutes.They gave it 4 stars and largely loved it.


Ok well, not a surprising review from CBR. They have and continued to support this book, so it is no surprise. I’m pretty sure why, but I will refrain from drastic accusations without solid evidence. This may, In fact, be my last post on these boards.

Post GOTG #20 sides are being drawn. In fact, they have been for some time. My opinion has changed drastically over the course of this series. I was luke warm on the series for some time, despite being open for the notion of a legacy. I gave the Beta Ray Bill arc decent marks, but the series had dropped in quality since then (and frankly before then as well) in epic proportions. Not to mention the other stuff going on with Rich Rider.

It is in my opinion that if you support this series, you are in fact, no Richard Rider supporter fan at all. To do so simply ensures Rider will stay dead forever. It is unfortunate, but really if you actually read the book you will not be too sad. The book is simply dreadful. Even the once solid art has digressed to be a detriment. (niche artwork at best)

Again, opinions like my disagreement with review will almost always equal the deletion of threads on here. I don’t think the mods really like me anyways. They may have something set up to delete my threads on a timer nowadays. I may get banned for this. Such is life. (Especially on “review threads” where I voice disagreement with the review)

I just find it impossible a person over ten could really enjoy this series. Really, I do wonder what actual book CBR is reading. I’m not kidding or being sarcastic there either ; I find it impossible anyone could consider this series good or passable.

Since Loeb brought forth this utter evisceration of 36 years of Marv Wolfman’s creation, the book has been filled with atrocious continuity, juvenile and nonsensical banter, horridly disjointed plots, and characters/supporting characters plagued by ridiculous values and depictions. The book claimed to be light hearted fair, but has such achievements to its name as poo poo ing Alcoholism , issues of race, child endangerment, and child soldiering. It has pissed on the prior character, genre, and fans all to achieve its master goal of creating a multi media dollar sign. It has failed dreadfully.

Sam is a bumbler and stumbler by design. I hope readers of this series don’t expect any growth from Sam because that won’t be in the cards. Everything about him ranks as a corporate strategy to attack a certain perceived demographic. The irony, while many Nova fans did not seem to like GOTG #20, to show his successor trick or treating with the X kids after depicting Rider’s true sacrifice is even more insulting.

Worse yet, he was created at the expense of a great character named Richard Rider. Loeb split the fan base for no good reason. Even if us radical Rider fans are all can’t deny he split us all up. It’s all just such a shame.

The book continues to linger at around 20k readers. Huge event roles and frequent tie ins will probably stabilize the book for another few months. I expect this standalone issue to mostly tank, the X kids are not a big draw. It will be interesting to see how the post GOTG#20 effects sales for Nova. Personally, I hope they tank. Eventually, the cartoon and crossover force feedings will stop and this book will languish on its own.

It saddens me because books like Invaders, She Hulk and Moon Knight are better books that will probably/are axed before this series. Such is the corporate machine and cash cow that is Marvel/ Disney. (and throw CBR in there as well) Someone has got to sell those Infinity Sam figures and USM cartoon.

I’d feel bad for ripping CBR here, as it is nice they have this message board and I appreciate the ability to post here. I’ve had a good run and enjoyed some of the posters here. No doubt I owe CBR my gratitude for those times.

But lines are being drawn and they have not been honest brokers in the fight. This review just proves it. It’s a shame too , because we could have used their support. I know there are good people among them and good posters here. We could have used their support as well. It’s too bad. I can’t post here anymore under this cloud of what’s going on with CBR and these boards. Every time I throw down a thread or post I think Stalin’s moustache is going to come out of my screen and choke me.

Either that, or Mickey Mouse will.

Take heart Rider fans! Keep fighting, and know that it is OK to take a stand! Maybe in the five minutes this post will be up on the boards you’ll be inspired by it..maybe not. You can find us all at the links below.…27263747437491


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