Some thoughts on FF being canceled.


In short, its horse shit. Its more underhandedness from the Perlmutter/ Alonso regime and I’m getting tired of it.

FF is viable series that sells in the low 30k range these days. That’s well above the cancellation range and its a shame because 30k or so fans still love the book and support it.

Marvel has made all sorts of claims as to why, but we really can only speculate. Whatever the reason…its not because “ideas ran dry” etc..

I do find it funny that marvel execs give Rich Rider and DnA fans crap for boycotting the current quality, when essentially that is what marvel is doing here. They are withholding the FF product to achieve a determined goal. And like most big decisions and the cosmic mess post Thanos Imperative under the Alonso/Perlmutter regime the move smacks of dishonesty and underhandedness.It disenfranchises a whole separate group of old Marvel fans.

Like DnA’s Nova, I’m not going to lie, FF had some problems and they needed to be fixed. I can tell you why I did not buy FF for years, even when it was doing ok was that the stories never seemed to make any sense to the rest of 616. I hated how they were not involved in the Giffen/DnA cosmic stuff. Used to be they were a cosmic flagship and now the stories did not seem to matter anywhere. Again IMO this is a result of huge editor issues in creating a shared marvel universe. The book also had some “rock star” talent that need to be edited better to fit everything around them. Fraction, Millar, Hickman, Robinson there were some great ideas here but they needed to fit better and feel more like “must read books”. Essentially, its the same thing that killed the DnA Cosmic scene.

Still, I wonder why marvel has chosen this route. Perhaps they feel the FF movie will bomb and it is a real notion they could reclaim the rights.Perhaps the Fox product is so alien they just want to disavow it. I don’t know. The movie does seem like a train wreck. Publishing a comic that is so different on the silver screen seems like a challenge.

A lot of “Nova fans” give other Nova fans crap because they hope the current Sam Alexander series fails. But marvel comics and many many marvel fans hope this FF movie fails because a.) It looks like a huge and insulting change to the source material.b) Marvel Studios has a viable chance to get the property back under its creative control if it were to fail. So many Marvel/MCU fans are on board with this , its the big trendy thing everywhere to crap on this film. I’m sure CBR is readily allowing the smack to be talked on this flick, whereas statements rooting for NINO book to fail is deleted and banned. Most of these fans who root for the FF movie to fail then go around and shit on Rider Nova fans who hope Sam’s book fails (for very similar reasons). Its hypocrisy!

For the record this Fox movie looks atrocious, I hope it fails as well, I hope the MCU gets the FF rights and makes better FF movies.But do it over the table and honest.I certainly don’t think we need to be petty and cancel comics just because of it.

Marvel execs may have some ready made denial about this being related to the MCU, but we all know its crap. I think marvel used to think its fans had a few more brain cells.

I know these days 30k sales  in support pales in comparison to movie ducats, but at one time those numbers were cornerstones used to build Marvel. So FF (comic) fans have my support in this mess. I hope you would choose to support them as well.


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