Bring Back Rich 2015!

I don’t really even know what to do anymore.

Its like something out of the twilight zone. They would make this punk kid an Avenger?

Look at this recent Brevoort comment:

anonymous asked:

Is it possible sometimes the fan outrage is reasonable and should result in editorial corrections? I feel like 100% of the fan outrage about Magneto and the twins is justified. It’s like Gwen having the babies with Norman Osborn, *nobody* liked that storyline, it betrayed their fondest memories of Gwen.

brevoortformspring answered:

All fan outraged is justified to the fan in question, sure.

But it’s a very rare thing that any fan outrage leads to us changing direction in the way you’re talking about, not in the short-term anyway.

We tell stories. We have confidence in the skills of our creators and editors in being able to craft those stories such that people like them. And we’re not a Democracy, not a choose-your-own-adventure experience.

And yeah, that means that we’re sometimes going to do stories that some people aren’t going to like, but that’s true of every storyteller in every medium. Can’t let that paralyze you, can’t let it hold you back.

So my take on this is we have a guy so delusional/odd  he claims that fan reaction does not mean anything? And if we really extract this could extend to sales and critical response as well.

But then again critical response is basically non existent because 90 percent of the review sites out there Newsarama, CBR, IGN are on marvel’s pay roll. ANd Marvel will always deny and disavow any of the sales info we get, unless it is in their favor.

We are 4 years into Rider’s “death” and 25 issues into the dreadful , fan rejected Nova series. Loeb claimed he had two years of scripts done for this series…and marvel is letting those play out.

NINO has been rejected by fans! Considering the effort of marvel to push this character and book…NINO is one of the biggest flumps in marvel history. Again, it all came from the guy who destroyed the Ultimate U (and that was 3 or 4 top 25 books) and who derailed Greg Pak’s critical and commercial Planet Hulk run.

At least now, we are in to the long term. We’ve passed the quick outrage point of fair weather fans.

We’ve lost a few folks from vocal support and boycotters but we still have some strength. Maybe we’ve gained some too. It was pretty cool to see the “Long Live Rider” post on Cosmic Book News’s facebook get so many likes…i think it was near 2k…which is nice. (that’s more than the people that buy NINO,lol)

Cosmic Book News may have a few voices that are too loud for some folks, but they are a huge asset to Rider and the movement to fix broken marvel cosmic. We just have to keep strong. The few ultra trolls who come on the CBN facebook posts are a minority.So are the goons on CBR. They are all the same hypocrites who will crap on Dan Slott or the new FF movie before they even read stuff.

What pisses me off about most of them is that hardly any have read NINO or even Annhilation/ Giffen/ DnA..they simply perceive us as “whining” or crying. We become annoying with our discontent, no matter how justified it is…I am growing to dislike that crew and its always a real challenge to keep my cool.

I’m not sure how I perceive the info that NINO is going to join the Avengers…he doesnt really appear in many of the future Avengers books, so I’m wondering where it is going to happen.

I dont know if we can every get through to Tom B. He seems to biased against us as insignificant and merely annoying. Frankly, I’m well beyond baking any cakes to woo people.

But here is to keeping the grills on for 2015! Keep strong and let marvel know you want Rider back…hopefully marvel doesn’t screw up their whole line this year with Secret War…lord knows I would not put it past marvel to screw up everything. I think marvel has some of the single worst leadership/editorial control in its history…so brace yourselves for a disaster.