YES PETER QUILL THIS IS A SICK JOKE…Somewhere out there in the marvel multiverse you are starring in a DnA penned, pleasantly pulpy, well written, science fiction series with your good costume, actual friends and GOTG mates blasting away at Lovecraftian bastards with Richard Rider…btw that REAL Quill guy totally wants to kick your ass…


What the heck is going on in comics?

I read this article awhile ago, its really well done and surprised me coming from IGN…I’m not a gamer for the past few years…but I think it has some certain application to the comic book industry (it even mentions the similarities)

I found this quote particularly applicable:

This has culminated in a tirade of hatred and bullying against gamers that dare to have differing political opinions against the majority of games journalists, ending in a declaration of the “death” of gamers.

I think this issue has gotten really bad in comics with Disney/Marvel merger , the movies, and all the $ explosion of (comic) video games. I (and many of you all) have seen this if you support Richard Rider, the real Nova.

Recently, I have been testing the waters on this notion in some other areas. I’ve been more vocal about support for the Fantastic Four and I’ve knocked a few Marvel ventures I had issue with like the Figment and upcoming Thunder Mountain Rail Road Disney comics. Its amazing how many folks show up to defend corporate greed and commercialism.

Its really sad, because I’ve been such a huge marvel supporter and “marvel head” my whole life. I don’t have any regrets about those old days, but I am wondering just what the hell is going on these days.

I thought some more on this and I tip my hat that most comic stuff do not have the kind of overhead or “make or break” potential that video games do. Meaning, its not as worth it for comic companies like marvel or DC to meddle in “reviews” because there is not as much as stake with each unit of the product.

This is totally valid. A video game is more like a movie in terms of cost than a comic. But some comics are so pushed and supported with toys, games and potential movie/cartoons that they are not always so different.

I think Sam Alexander would fall into this category. So much $ invested in this kid for no reason, it seems now that 4 years has gone by without Rider’s return that the $ is also invested in keeping Rider dead.