Duggan’s Infinity Gauntlet (Aka Sesame Street Meets Power Rangers meets Scary Spice)

Here’s my big problem with this new “Infinity Gauntlet” series.

1. It’s got Gerry Duggan’s name on it. He has not proven to handle the Nova Corps concept anymore. Sam’s book is a failure. Sales on Nova have tanked below cancellation range. Personally, I’ve found his writing disjointed, his continuity lacking, his story arcs to be underwhelming, and his character building has been flat. We need new blood on the Nova Corps (Preferably Sam Alexander’s all over Thanos fists’) (BTW I just noticed Duggan’s Hulk Doc Green stuff is @ 27k sales and #75 on the top 300…that’s just plain unacceptable)

2. They blew off Starlin. Apparently, marvel did not consult or even tell Starlin this sort of thing was in the works. Even if Starlin can be a pain, this is bush league.

3. More children as Novas. We’ve rejected this shit. I’m so sick of the child soldier crap. Anyone at marvel listening?

4. Its touted as being the future of marvel cosmic. Fuck! If this was standalone story I’d feel different, but this appears to be some long winded “(Riderless) new direction”. (Hope you didn’t throw away your Scary Spice records)

Yeah , usually I don’t like to reject stuff before I give it a chance. I gave NINO 19 issues before I jumped on board with rooting for the series to fail.I waited to blast Bendis terrible Rider Cancerverse “Salt on the wound” until it was finished.  But marvel has just been such shit lately, I feel pretty safe with this one…and like I said, It’s got Duggan’s name on it after all. Anyways buying this stuff isn’t going to get us back Richard Rider..it will only keep him dead and mothballed. Marvel cosmic has been such garbage..why would this be any different?

BTW , I’m up for new things. I was a huge supporter of Rick Remender’s stuff right up until he used NINO in Axis.  Planet Hulk and Annihilation were new things..and Jeph Loeb and Alonso screwed them both up.


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