Taking a break

I’m no fan of NINO. I gave him a chance, didn’t like him. Didn’t like the story. Never identified with him as teen character (even though I’ve always loved teen books). He’s dead to me. The fact the story was a directionless mess that saw 3 writers in 10 issues, made me madder they killed off Rich without even a good story in mind.

But honestly, the mantra to “Bring Back Rich Rider” really didn’t need to have anything to do with NINO. The call had everything to do with Rich Rider, a great fucking character. You don’t need to hate NINO to want Rich back. They don’t need to go together. We could all have both, and enjoy marvel comics together. But marvel just won’t budge. They want to see us Rider fans lost forever I guess. Somewhere along the line, they decided our business was just not worth it, and they could treat us like dirt. I wish things were different. Like I said, I miss marvel.

I’m pretty bummed about NINO officially being an Avenger. Rich never got that. I’m partially glad it’s not on a real roster…this roster seems like all the characters they’ve been trying to shove down our throats. Marvel really has a shitty slate for 2015. PC crap run amuk.

I’m gonna take a break from blogs/ posts for a while. I just need to cool down a bit from this talk. Anyways, I’m not going anywhere so keep the faith. As always, Long Live Rich Rider. See ya’ round.


Gerry Duggan takes a full on DUMP on Richard RIder fans

Since this guy has done all the things he needed to “win over” Rider fans, he has now taken to actively shitting on them.

Not only did Gerry reply to one of my posts (a critical but respectful one, mind you) on CBR with a “LOL Rich Rider is Dead LOL” (thanks buddy, my response to him stated “So aren’t the Korbinites?)

Honestly, this on its own is no big deal for me. Gerry’s actually seemed like a decent guy in his dealings with some fans, he’s certainly no Steven Whacker.

But here’s the ugly:

NOVA #28 Preview


Look at this shit show. Duggan outright takes a dump on Rider fans. Even if this is some weird snippet I am taking out of context, we Rider fans have been so crapped on and frustrated, why do this? I know I’ve been critical of Duggan since issue #19 of Nova. The writings just been sub par and comics are up for critical review. That’s the deal. I also said good things about his decent Beta Ray Bill arc that was mostly well done. I call it like it is.

Duggan certainly could have been a white knight for us. He clearly was not, even though the book relished little string along dedicated to taking advantage of the few Rider fans who would still stand to be strung out like hopeless crack addicts.

I gave Duggan the benefit of the doubt for awhile, I know he was probably still operating off Loeb garbage scripts and uncertain editor status. I had better hopes for him, and still hope for his sake he fixes his problems and becomes a good comic writer. He’s tanked sales on Hulk to sub Richard Rider Nova Vol. 4 levels. Let me say that again, folks, Richard Rider’s Vol. 4 Nova outsold Duggan’s (fucking) Hulk book. That’s a FACT.

Marvel has somehow decided to go back to the toilet and crap on Richard Rider fans (again) and sees no point to their business. What a strange company business model!…Must be nice to look at 21k-30k potential customers and telling them to flip off.  Yup, I realize we are not some legion of a million fans…I realize we are not “entitled” to Rich Rider. But, I don’t get it. Most of us are just goddamn marvel heads who love the company and want to support it.  I wish things were different, because I miss Nova.  I miss my favorite character. Mostly, I miss Marvel comics.

Is this an overreaction? No..not really. SO lets make some noise and remind Marvel Rider fans don’t appreciate this shit.

More thoughts on Secret Wars

I have to say, there a few offerings that look solid from this Secret Wars, despite the fact the event looks to be mostly a huge disjointed mess. Under some circumstances, maybe I would have been a huge proponent of this type of stuff. Of course, that being said, the event looks like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag. The content is all over the place, there’s no notion of a central story line, and the commercial appeal and marketing is sketchy. On one hand, I could respect marvel for some risky stories and a healthy dive into what looks to be some pulpish sci fi elements that I usually love. But on the other, this is mostly the same old crew pumping out the stuff I haven’t dug.

From what I’ve seen thus far, Aaron’s Weirdworld (dammit Aaron’s bringing back Crystar, I wonder if he read my fan fics?), Ennis’ Monster book, Abnett’s Korvac , look right up my alley, maybe a few more. The devil Dino/Hulk story looks OK (though Humphries writes it..yechh). The X men offerings hearken me back to when I loved X books (FabNic!). The spider stuff looks decent, Slott’s always on.

Clearly, with all the fringe stuff I am concerned this could be a huge sales disaster. Tom Brevoort must be sweating harder than a gypsy with a mortgage. Even the name recognition is toned down. I thought we’d have more SPIDER MAN: Secret Wars type stories, but morphing everything around is risky.

Then there is the stuff I see as really not my bag. Bendis GOTG et al, Frankly, Hickman would be dead fish to me. He’s just too damn long winded and unfocused.

Then we have the biggie, of course, Duggan’s Infinity Gauntlet. In a recent CBR interview Duggan said this:

“Nobody loves those Starlin stories more than I do.”

Yet, wasn’t Jim on record saying marvel gave no indication this story was even being done? That’s showing your love right there? BTW if you do love Starlin’s stories so well how come your NINO book has no indication of any knowledge of a Starlin work. (and also BTW I love Starlin’s stuff more than you, so there.)

Normally, from the solicits, this kinda story would be right up my alley. There’s some potential indication this may be from a world where the Annihilation Wave hit Earth. Weaver is a huge talent, he’s awesome. But Duggan’s just done to much to make me stay away. His stuff has forced me to decline to spend my hard earned money on his writing. (For those who don;t know I dropped all 11 of my marvel books after Duggan’s dreadful Nova #19) I’ve ironed most of all the “why” there in the countless blog entries below.

I talked more about the series in the prior blog entry, but despite the fact it “looks ok” (change that visually aside from sickening “child Novas”, it looks very good from Weaver’s angle.), its still Duggan writing and that’s the bottom line. If they brought Rider back here, maybe I’d check it out later someday..but we all know that won’t happen. (EDIT for the record, the potential multi colored Novas is a dreadful concept)

As a kid, I used to have a Crystar figure. I had his winged dragon too, but the wings were really rigid and got lost. Crystar lost a leg at some point (Only below the knee) so he became the token “wounded guy” in all my battles. I loved damn Crystar.

So, unfortunately, the ban on marvel will remain. No Rider = No buy. Nothing changes. This is marvel’s choice, not mine. And damn you marvel for making me miss Crystar and FabNic’s return.