Gerry Duggan takes a full on DUMP on Richard RIder fans

Since this guy has done all the things he needed to “win over” Rider fans, he has now taken to actively shitting on them.

Not only did Gerry reply to one of my posts (a critical but respectful one, mind you) on CBR with a “LOL Rich Rider is Dead LOL” (thanks buddy, my response to him stated “So aren’t the Korbinites?)

Honestly, this on its own is no big deal for me. Gerry’s actually seemed like a decent guy in his dealings with some fans, he’s certainly no Steven Whacker.

But here’s the ugly:

NOVA #28 Preview

Look at this shit show. Duggan outright takes a dump on Rider fans. Even if this is some weird snippet I am taking out of context, we Rider fans have been so crapped on and frustrated, why do this? I know I’ve been critical of Duggan since issue #19 of Nova. The writings just been sub par and comics are up for critical review. That’s the deal. I also said good things about his decent Beta Ray Bill arc that was mostly well done. I call it like it is.

Duggan certainly could have been a white knight for us. He clearly was not, even though the book relished little string along dedicated to taking advantage of the few Rider fans who would still stand to be strung out like hopeless crack addicts.

I gave Duggan the benefit of the doubt for awhile, I know he was probably still operating off Loeb garbage scripts and uncertain editor status. I had better hopes for him, and still hope for his sake he fixes his problems and becomes a good comic writer. He’s tanked sales on Hulk to sub Richard Rider Nova Vol. 4 levels. Let me say that again, folks, Richard Rider’s Vol. 4 Nova outsold Duggan’s (fucking) Hulk book. That’s a FACT.

Marvel has somehow decided to go back to the toilet and crap on Richard Rider fans (again) and sees no point to their business. What a strange company business model!…Must be nice to look at 21k-30k potential customers and telling them to flip off.  Yup, I realize we are not some legion of a million fans…I realize we are not “entitled” to Rich Rider. But, I don’t get it. Most of us are just goddamn marvel heads who love the company and want to support it.  I wish things were different, because I miss Nova.  I miss my favorite character. Mostly, I miss Marvel comics.

Is this an overreaction? No..not really. SO lets make some noise and remind Marvel Rider fans don’t appreciate this shit.


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