Taking a break

I’m no fan of NINO. I gave him a chance, didn’t like him. Didn’t like the story. Never identified with him as teen character (even though I’ve always loved teen books). He’s dead to me. The fact the story was a directionless mess that saw 3 writers in 10 issues, made me madder they killed off Rich without even a good story in mind.

But honestly, the mantra to “Bring Back Rich Rider” really didn’t need to have anything to do with NINO. The call had everything to do with Rich Rider, a great fucking character. You don’t need to hate NINO to want Rich back. They don’t need to go together. We could all have both, and enjoy marvel comics together. But marvel just won’t budge. They want to see us Rider fans lost forever I guess. Somewhere along the line, they decided our business was just not worth it, and they could treat us like dirt. I wish things were different. Like I said, I miss marvel.

I’m pretty bummed about NINO officially being an Avenger. Rich never got that. I’m partially glad it’s not on a real roster…this roster seems like all the characters they’ve been trying to shove down our throats. Marvel really has a shitty slate for 2015. PC crap run amuk.

I’m gonna take a break from blogs/ posts for a while. I just need to cool down a bit from this talk. Anyways, I’m not going anywhere so keep the faith. As always, Long Live Rich Rider. See ya’ round.


4 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. I think you would get more mileage without the use of foul language. When you’re trying to change the mind of a for profit company like Marvel Comics, consider your audience. A comic book publishing company which is now a subsidiary of Disney – two companies whose product spans age and background. Use a thesaurus and replace all the foul language on here and you might draw in some more support by those turned off by all the cursing. I mean, it’s a great cause for a great character – why would you won’t to possibly offend someone who comes here looking to add their voice to yours?

    1. good point, Ill take it under consideration. I try not swear too much, but I do drop them now and then for sure. A lot of whats here was a revulsion to censorship on so called comic discussion and message boards like CBR, so sometimes i think i swear “just because I can.”

      Thanks for the post..and if you haven’t checked out the tumblr site, I’ve been on that a bit more these days.


  2. I’m really disappointed of the way Marvel handled Richard Rider, I’m still glad that unlike Sam the new Nova, Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel has proven to be such a success with readers that she’s moved up to Avenger ranking.

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