1 year later from Bendis “Cancerverse Arc” (And nearly 5 since Rich was killed off), I give you; The top 10 Reasons Rich Rider’s death makes NO SENSE

10.   The characters he all died with (including Thanos) have been brought back and have prominent roles in the Marvel Universe. His death accomplished nothing.

9.     From how these characters have been written since, his “Death” seems to have zero impact on what drives any of these characters. Worse, his death is seen as some cautionary tale of buffoonery in the Nova Vol. 5 series.

8.   Marvel has brought back an older “retconn-o-Nova” Jesse “not the same guy who writes heroes scripts with Jeff Loeb” Alexander, who is blatently characterized in several major ways as to be “just like Rich” now as a mentor to Sam Alexander.  IE Sam is sharing the spotlight w/ other Novas.

7.       Marvel has created new Novas,so it’s not about a need to make Sam a “Lone Ranger” anymore. The last few months they have attempted to bring us half a dozen new Novas characters; Sam, Rael Rider, Nova Family (W/Dog)…and the worst one; Jesse. So it’s not about “watering down”  a weak sauce product.

6.       Rich’s “coming of age” story, Annihilation, ranks as one of the top 20 marvel events of all time on their own website (#17) , # 9 on Newsarama. He still has a massive following of many fans who want him back and are not satisfied with his death.

5.       Dan Abnett (And Andy Lanning for that matter), the writer who killed off Rich at the end of TI, is still writing regular cosmic stuff for Marvel. Turns out, He’s not done with Marvel and there is no need to “celebrate” that era by keeping the character dead. Fabien Nicieza, another solid Nova writer, is also seemingly back in the marvel fold. (Just sayin’)

4.       Most folks dig him. Fan movements have been active about supporting his products, such as Legacy Action Figures and his character in Video Games. Fans were very vocal in these communities to see him. There’s still a demand to see the character back in the saddle.

3.       With the full Nova Force, he’s a class 100 level power…he could have brushed off that evil cap shield like it was a popcorn kernel. (both of them btw) Marvel’s own web site on power levels lists Rich’s power as “potentially incalculable”, excess of 100 ton plus strength.

2.       Sales need help. Sam Alexander doesn’t need to go…but let’s admit he’s not catching on.

1.       He had the Full Nova Force, a Cosmic Cube, turned into pure energy, straddled Thanos (yeah it was weird), said a bunch of out of character stuff that didn’t jive w/ anything we’d seen from the character for years….and Oh yeah, Rich Rider died in place no one can die. ..Sounds all pretty legit.