(FISHING FOR RIDER FANS  BUT ARE WE BITING? Hey is that Richard Rider? Becuase it looks exactly like him)

A few take aways from this interview with new Nova series Sean Ryan:

-First, I’m grateful to Newsarama for putting the Rider angle on the headline and for asking the Rider/ DnA geared questions. Thank you, and it is much appreciated. Maybe, in fact, I was wrong about you guys. Thanks some to Marvel for answering them as well. To his credit, Ryan does not come off like a jerk here, which is different from past Nova writers.

-That being said…a lot negative.

-From what I interpret here, the plan for this series is not going to be geared toward fixing what was broken with the past volume. Still, this series will not attempt to bridge the past with the new….the focus here will be to keep shoving the square peg in the round hole, IE  zany teen, Earth based adventures trying to jam fans of the new Waid Avengers, especially Miles, Kamala together in some joint group.

-He doesn’t rule out references to Rider….but clearly gives no promises he will be back. In fact, he seems to imply he’d only like to do world mind or Nova Corps stuff/references. Isn’t this exactly what Vol 5. Did? I mean they would drop Rider’s name or imply a helmet was his every now and then, but there was never anything meaningful, aside from the silly helmet scene near the end. (You know the one where they never even showed how Sam got the helmet?)

So too, Duggan post issue 10 of Vol. 5 tried to do just the same as put some light on Sam’s place in the Nova Corps, The Black Nova’s, etc…problem was he just made up all new shit , had sloppy answers, and none of it made a lick of sense.

In essence, this guy just told us everything was going to be the same as volume 5 direction-wise and some Rider fans seem to think there is good news there. Its the same old Rider string along tactics.

-Jesse is a microcosm of this. He’s a Rich Rider fan string along doppelganger. IMO, he’s a crap and dishonest character, both from standpoint of within the book, and from a standpoint of creator’s who would work with him.

-The plan here seems the same…keep the focus on zany Sam teen adventures loaded with tie ins and cross overs, keep Rider fans in the dark, string them along with the promises that “maybe down the line” we will throw a few scraps to the old DnA Rider fans. Nothings changed!

Most series are plotted and scripted for a year or two….this tells me no plans for any of this “good” material unless the book makes it in to 2017. Sounds like stuff Ryan would “like” to get to …if the series goes for a couple a years…which it wont.

-Let’s recall this guy’s (Ryan’s) past Nova material, a series of one shots within Vol. 5 that showed Monark Starstalker as a foolish dumb villain and implied Nova fans who couldn’t accept Rider as dead were crybabies. In fact, I thought his whole plot was a metaphor that made fun of Vol. 4 /Giffen /DnA fans. Though Ryan does not come off like a “jerk” here, let’s also recall neither Duggan or Loeb really did till it was clear Rider fans were not buying their crap. Whacker was mostly a jerk right away.

-Keep in mind, Sean Ryan’s Suicide Squad has largely been a panned train wreck, even CBR and other big sites have given the book, aside from one arc, very poor reviews.

Count me out for this volume of Nova.


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