Thoughts on James Gunn Deadpool Rant


First off, disclaimer I haven’t seen the film yet.(UPDATE, SAW it and loved it!)  I like Deadpool…a lot. (despite the fact I’ve ripped the notion of Gwenpool) I was a huge fan of FabNic Cable and Deadpool run and a huge fan of Kelly and Priest’s work. (I think the Priest stuff is incredibly underrated) Sorry, not going to check out Gerry Duggan stuff…but I could see Duggan doing a good job on the book.

As to this article, I agree with Gunn mocking this lame exec and the other thoughts by the CBN editorial on here…pretty much spot on. I hope goofing/camping up non goofy stuff doesn’t explode…but that’s an issue we’ve battled for a long time. I mean look at the old Adam West Batman for hell’s sake. Agree with CBN about the need for hooks and originality…in a way.

Avengers I was pretty much straightforward comic movie, the standard for sticking to the source material. IMO it stands as the model for that type of stuff. Deadpool was always about camp and goofy fun and, as such, is its own model. We just need to understand we are in a world where both can exist and make money.

Heres the real nuts and bolts: Comics are an incredibly diverse medium for art and writing and storytelling and loaded with a whole bunch of genres and great ideas.

Hollywood execs were always quick to jump on making fun of marvel superheroes, grim and gritty-izing everything to be, turning colors dark, making stuff more realistic and ominous….and comedy is only an extension of this. In other words, changing shit because they don’t get it. (and it mostly having horrid results)

I’ll take this moment to say the only guy in the room who may be the worse offender and success at actually goofing up otherwise serious subject matter with dance offs and dick jokes etc was, in fact Mr. James Gunn. Thats really a whole different issue. The effect on Marvel has gone back into even the comics.

Look at Gunn’s GOTG material…which suddenly shifted the more noir pulp sci fi feel of the DnA Giffen material into hokey fart jokes, middle fingers and dance offs. Now, in turn look at the effect that had on Marvel’s whole line. Suddenly, almost overnight, we get a hundred comedy books like Squirrel Girl, Howard The Duck and a few others. Every GOTG gets a spin off and the characters are all hoke and based off Gunn’s altered vision. None of them have really sold or resonated with fans outside the silver screen. What’s more problematic? ,

What Deadpool is, however, is not as much “original” as it is being true to the source material…..Deadpool was always this fun hoke, so it becomes a model for the old Joe Q tag line “honor the source material”. Let’s just hope that’s the lesson.

I just don’t; get Gunn…because he’s the guy who did this worse….but I’m just a 100 % Dick anyways…so what do I know? Have you ever seen Scooby Doo’s Final scene? Gunn had Fred trying to do a dance off years before he recycled the crap for GOTG.



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