Can New Nova Make it on his own?

+Spoilers below, Be warned+


So issues of the new Sam Alexander Nova series have featured the character Jesse “hey I look nigh-exactly like Richard Rider” Alexander on the cover with Sam in issue 1.

Issue 2 the same. They had the duplicate batch of “Make them think it’s the return of Rich” covers, and BTW 2 of the variants had either Jesse or Rich (great New Warriors cover) on the cover. Should be noted the (very solid) Francaville version actually made that “usual” mistake of drawing Jesse w/ Centurion Rank, the rank Rich had, not the denarion Rank depicted in the book for Jesse.

Issues 3-4 had the new getalong gang on the cover with Sam, Miles and Ms. Marvel. Now, issues five AND issue six both appear to have Sam cowering from an evil Jesse/ Rich knock off.

Again, can this guy sell his own book?

Oh btw the big spoiler is that this volume’s Jesse is a clone of the Jesse who was lost in the last volume and Sam’s father is still missing. Can you believe that shit? Zowee! House of “Idears” folks.

I know I have been really against this series since issue 19 of the last volume. Still, for a while now I’ve been vocal that Sam can stay and we can fix this stuff and make something cool w/ Rich all together…but this AINT THE WAY TO DO IT. This is tricking fans, duping them in to buying a book…worse off its just cliché. Can we bring back Rider already?

Really? A Fucking clone?




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