The significance of continuity article



MY Thoughts:

Couldn’t disagree more.

The power of the canon and of continuity is a huge part of what gets folks to show up in the first place. It’s a huge part of what drives serial fiction to lasting success and sustainability. Further, it’s a huge reason why customers buy the product and show up to the new versions or film versions. Readers or viewers need to feel the stuff they had already seen had some sort of importance. This notion always effects the power of the whole.

Substitute the word “Canon” for “History” and the prose in this article seems preposterous. Fact is, Canon is the history…and it’s incredibly important. It’s not lip service or fan fluff job; it’s the record that made the material work in the first place.

Personally, I think the opinion in this work is akin to the lazy mantra of ego-driven creators who simply don’t want to be beholden to anyone or any parameters they feel “restricts” them or devalues their own (perceived) “genius”.  IE the “Rock Star” condition. (We are overloaded with these nowadays) Putting aside ego, often times, the same stuff would easily work if tweaked only slightly.  Either that or it’s the mantra of creators who don’t want to do the legwork known as research.

Certainly some fun can be had within continuity. Don’t get me wrong, there is always some room for play and creativity. Continuity can be bent and occasionally twisted…but there is a point when it is also synonymous with quality control as well.

Worst of all, I hate this dismissive notion of fans. Fan support is an asset, not a detriment. Fans buy the product and support it through thick and thin. You want fans.

The notion that canon is irrelevant devalues the tons of writers who make their living writing within canon or continuity. Collectively, we should embrace writers who do the research and legwork behind the material. That’s writing. Hard work is admirable, and it makes the writing stronger. It’s called “research” folks…and it helps a product immensely.

Lastly, for the love of God, enough with the excuses for Batman V Superman. It was fairly lousy, get over it. It wasn’t particular the fault of canon that it was bad…it was a smattering of clear-cut reasons of writing and filmmaking.

Let’s move on and get over ourselves.


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