Rider or Quasar return?



UPDATE: BLEEDING COOL has published a spoiler reveal….proving Marvel is an insane corperation run by madmen. I was going to buy the Thanos Finale…not anymore.


My thoughts: I think common sense would say Quasar. Its a short deviation from Wendell’s emblem which he picked up in Issue 26 of his VOL. 1 series. The easy logic goes there.

Let’s face it though; Quasar is just kind of “not being used”. He’s alive and was featured running around last in a few of the Starlin OGNs. That being said, Quasar fans are awesome and I totally think its great if it is him.

However, the tag line here is “A Long Awaited Return” which I think could equal three other strong candidates:

#1 ….Rich Rider- Has the strongest claim IMO. The fan support of the character has been vocal and active. (Fuck yeah it has)

Like a few of the others, the emblem is a bit off…while before this teaser design could directly imply the Denarion rank of the Nova Corps…all that kind of goofy geekery seems to be ignored these days. Right now, both Sam and Jesse use this symbol as the Nova emblem….which is odd because Jesse seemed to use a centurion rank before. Naturally , par for the Sam Alexander lore, its never been acceptably explained.

Its largely possible this is the deal.

The bottom line aside from color, it is, for all intents and purposes, the current Nova emblem.

As for the color, typically red….Rider has used a yellow emblem before:

(after you’ve thrown up and purged that design from your head, read on)

In fact, he has also used the Quasar emblem before as well. (shown below)

Yes…that’s fucking Richie. (an awesome DnA arc in Vol. 4)

Another thing—-Lets also consider this Kobik character is made up of cosmic cubes….well, that’s the same thing Rich absorbed when he died. That makes a lot of sense.

One last factoid…Mark Bagley is working on this sucker.

New Warriors Vol. 1 is the best comic ever….and Mark drew one of the best Richies in Richie history.

Wishful thinking…most likely…but some optimism.

#2 Phyla-Vell- Shes been gone for a long time, She’s EMO, she does have a following, she’s PC friendly, and she’s used a very close version of the symbol.

For the record I dig Phyla-vell…just not as Quasar. I think she should be a member of the Nova Corps or all around cosmic badass. I admit, she was done wrong by DnA…who killed her basically off panel. While I love the material, that one never sat right.

I also have a problem because a lot of her fans that (occasionally) come out of the woodwork seem to just want to support her because she is a lesbian (LGBT), and they don’t seem to support the whole of Annihilation or disaffected characters of the DnA / Giffen era like Rider, Nebula, Quasar…etc..

#3…Genis-Vell- Once again, the emblem is not the eight  (8) pointed Mar-vell/ Longshot (?) emblem (Nova Prime for that matter). Has a strong claim because the Standoff tale seems to be a primer for T-bolts. Zemo is in the story…and Zemo killed him. However the whole cool anti-hero Zemo seems long gone….as far back as Ed Brubaker who turned him into a fairly one -trick villain once more.

I’ve never gotten into how much a Genis fan I am, but it nearly rivals my love for RR. I was a huge fan of the PAD run…I love the character, and would like to see him back.

Tom Brevoort , a still active bigwig at Marvel, was editor of Genis best stuff. Avengers Forever is the top 3 Marvel events ever….and I’m still waiting for that cool Avengers gig.

However…so far the art has not shown Genis to be a part of that Bucky led team.

Worse…the Mar-vell symbol has had no real deviations…the Nova symbol has.

Now the real question is: who said that quote? I’ve heard a few things but have yet to see on-panel confirmation. It also reminds me of what Rich said to Night Thrasher when he threw him off the building in New Warriors vol. 1 #1. But my copy is CGC.

At any rate, I dig all these characters. There is always hope Nova fans…..

Long Live Rich…and keep the flame lit…






3 thoughts on “Rider or Quasar return?

  1. Bring Richard Rider back and it will lead to the new warriors coming back as a monthly title so far al ewing brought back night thrasher back from the dead in the pages of contest of champions and silhouette was in a recent issue of civil war 2 choosing sides anf rage was in the pages of sam wilson captain america a civil war 2 tie in and fabian nicieza should write for the new warriors again so it will reach the 100th issue. And Quasar the original should return because he still has his powers he can become a solid quantum light energy form and he can transform into anything including a hulk or captain america etc. And dazzler should be quasars new love interest since they both have similar light powers and similar backgrounds.

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