A few thoughts on the upcoming Nova series that, as we all know, has been teased.

-I’m reserving my sappy / silly version of a “we did it!” post until this is confirmed.

-Despite some concerns of fans, I think it will be Richard Rider. I can hardly believe that , given all the hard feelings, words and  call outs we’ve unloaded….yet, with all that’s gone on, I don’t think Marvel would be so damn cruel as to give Sam or someone else the helmet. It may be Robbie or something like that. I doubt it, but it’s possible. I doubt it would be Jesse. They seem unwilling to commit page time to him. Frankly, with the Champions series I think they are going to keep Sam around in his current look and direction. Whatever he is, he fits in that particular book as well as anywhere. Also, with all the issues I’ve had with Sam, I always thought he had a cool design/look.

I don’t think it would be Rael, that awesome lady, despite how cool she was, could also be considered something of a “pet character” of an (awesome) writer who just left the company. Marvel wouldn’t go there, I’d say. Further, I don’t think it would be Eve or the Secret Wars family. Eve with Riri out there is too confusing.

-Let’s reaffirm Bleeding Cool’s source said it was going to be a “Richard Rider” book.

-It seems like this Nova series, if any on the previews, are one of the ones that may come later in the year as opposed to October. With no creative team announced or clear cut Issue# 1 cover, it seems relatively undeveloped. As I look for those books to where Rider’s return may pop up, I’d earmark either Ewing’s Ultimate’s book or Bendis’ GOTG (apparent) finale.

Food for thought: Readers of his Avengers run know, Brian Bendis has a track record of bringing back fan-loved characters he’s not used or “killed off” at the end of a run. (See Wonder Man, Vision)

-Don’t rule out the possibility they keep “who it is” as a mystery even though the series is underway.

-Not to lecture everyone, but again, if this does turn out in our favor, we should be happy and proud of it and not unreasonable. It’s the end of a long road. Honestly, we should act classy and even a bit thankfull/grateful to Marvel….I’m not saying I regret anything I said or did during this process and will not say that, but bringing back Rich was what it was all about. I’m going to keep my promise and buy Marvel comics again. As I’ve always said; I love Marvel Comics and sure as hell, I want to support them.

-If this is Rich Rider, we should prepare for some initial disappointment and yet still be open to accepting this for a while. In other words, we should give this a chance and keep expectations low. Sure , they’re going to fuck something up. Whether its established continuity, the creative team, characterization or some other detail here or there, I can bet Marvel will jack up something and aspects of any series will not be to some of our standards. Let’s remember, even Annihilation jacked up stuff. (like show Rich as a cherry recruit when he had been Nova Prime before!) How furious were Rich fans when he was Kid Nova and wearing a damned red ascot in FabNic’s New Warriors volume one? Those things worked themselves all out.

Thus, with history as a model, we need to support the book and give it a leash. I say that, with some degree of understanding that this is contingent on the fact it is old Richie and not some overt “in your face” screw over. If that’s the case….back to the old drawing board.

The reality is that Sam’s book was not a flop because of random goofs like “Galadoria” or powers coming from the helmet. Nope, it was disjointed and nonsensical, and bad writing. Personally, that’s why I rejected it.

-Not to shit on them, because they are good guys, but some of the old ROM fans seem to want to not even try the IDW ROM title due to minor quips about his look and appearance. I don’t want to be that stubborn.

-Lastly, I want to comment on an article CBR wrote (I’m not even gonna link it) some disgraceful reaction to this teaser image of Nova # 1 that stated something to the effect of they were surprised Richard Rider would be brought back, y’know because “Sam Alexander has found a niche” or some crap and, worse, that Rider fans have died down or been silenced over the years.

Any that follow this blog know of my disdain for CBR, its business and fan model, and the folks who run the site. Not a fan.

I just want to say that Rider’s fans have not lost voice. Reddits ablaz with Rider love. This rinky dink blog site alone had its busiest month- 3,000 new visitors in December of 2015. Let’s add that Sam Alexander’s traction with fans is really a dubious claim. Not a shit on Sam thread, but his sales have slipped into unprecedented low territory of 15k! That’s dreadful. Seriously, it’s the worst for any Nova title….ever. It’s very possible Sam Alexander Nova is the worst selling Nova book ever made.

Any of you see heavyweight director James Gunn recently called out (in a fun kinda cool way) Cosmic Book News owner Matt McGloin regarding his love of Nova? We’ve all moved the dial folks….all this bitching has NOT been a waste. (BTW COSMIC BOOK NEWS deserves serious props in the fight to BBRR . Matt has don a ton of shit in this battle…..that is, if this does all work out,)

If anything, CBR may think “Rider fans have disappeared” because they’ve done stuff like actively kick off tons of Rich Rider and DnA fans (like me) and other Rider supporters from their message boards simply for discussing Richard Rider.



They’ve also doctored their own so-called website’s “reporting” to edit out fan questions regarding Rider, such as from a Marvel Panel at Emerald City Comic Con in 2014. (CBR Rider no mention version here…..Newsarama version w/ the Rider question linked here)

One of the fundamental reasons I started this blog was because of their treatment of me (THANOSRULES) and other Rider and Cosmic fans a few years back. I wanted a place where folks would be free to chat about stuff and not get banned, edited or lectured by some self-righteous board mod about bringing back Rider and Cosmic comics. I think we’ve done a decent job.

Simply put; CBR hates Rider fans and has actively sought to silence our voice…so yeah, not expecting much love from them. More than ever, CBR seems to be the same bunch of clowns they were all along.

I hope CBR the best and encourage fans to make up their own mind on the site…but that’s my personal take on them.

Anyway, enough hater crap…frankly I’m tired of bitchery and looking forward to some good news, LLRR and let’s hope for the best.




8 thoughts on “RAMBLINGS ON THE END!

  1. It will be Richard Rider. But by the time they finish their first 6 issue arc. The 7th Issue will show that Rider was an evil robot all along.

  2. Long Live Nova Prime Richard Rider!!!

    I can not tell you how happy I am that Marvel has got there head’s out of there ass’s. Thank you for you did do! Having a voice where I could not….means alot to me.

    I hope you continue a page for Nova fans. I would like to be the 1st to join.

    Again thank you

  3. Oh, it’s gonna be Rich, but the last panel will have him saying, “Hail Hydra.”

    Okay, probably not. I’m hoping it will be great and will be successful!


  4. Every couple of months I look up your blog to see if anything new has come to light. As a comics fan I have been very dissatisfied with the way paper comics have been going lately, pretty much established by everything that has happened in Marvel post Thanos Imperative, and in DC post Flashpoint. I remember reading Nova in The New Warriors back in the 80-90’s and not really appreciating him. Then when Annihilation rolled around, Rich became my favorite comic character. In one Arc they did what it took decades for Spider-Man to do- grow up. Serving in the military at the time as an MP, here was a guy that did what I did, both a cop and a soldier, and had an actual character growth and arc to his stories. Anyway, today visiting many of favorite internet haunts I had been depressed by the amount of hate I see people spewing. Then on a whim I came here and saw the news. Thanks for this blog, for your work, and for cheering me up today

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