Discussion on writers in Marvel who could write Rich

Thought I’d reblog this back and forth between a few parties on the Tumblr site…some interesting stuff.

anonymous asked:

Besides Abnett, Lanning, and Giffen who would you like to write the new Richard Rider Nova comic? And who do you think of the current Marvel writers would be able to do the better job?

bringbackrichardrider answered:

There are actually a lot that I would say make up my top list (keeping this list to folks strictly under the Marvel sway right now)

I’d start with Starlin and Waid. Those are my top two.

We can’t forget about FabNic, who seems back in Marvel’s fold and wrote a very solid Richard Rider saga. Next I would bring up PAD, who’s Captain Marvel was one of my favorites.

Greg Pak is awesome and could do a good job.

Personally, I’m a fan of Dan Slott’s work…especially pre Spiderman days when he didn’t have that pressure on him. Dan Slott has a rich affinity for New Warriors and continuity,…I enjoyed his Silver Surfer for a while before I dropped my Marvel comics pulls. I know a lot of fans will disagree with that one…thats cool.

I think Al Ewing could do a good job, I’ve liked a few of his concepts and his story directions.

Someone like Gerry Conway for a six issue start possible? Maybe. It’s an interesting name.

Gage and Yost are writers I enjoy, though they are not big draws for some reason. Hickman, who still is supposed to be within Marvel’s fold, is a guy who could do some good things if he kept things a bit more controlled in scope and had a tighter editor to rope in his stories. I doubt the project would be big enough for him.

I don’t mind James Robinson, I also think he has some good ideas but some fair misses. I liked the first arc of his Invaders book until it lost some steam. The second arc kinda killed my interest.

I’m also lukewarm but not totally against someone like Dennis Hopeless. I didnt like the pitch for an Avengers Arena, but I read some of it and it was decent. Once i realized Darkhawk was not going to be axed, I thought some good character work was done.

A lot of the newer writers I just don’t know about. Marvel is letting a lot of script/book writers come in and have a go at comics these days, not sure who I would recommend from that lot. Nicole Perlman seems cool…but I’m not sure if she can work on a paper comic schedule.

(a few of these types worry me, however…such as Chuck Wendig….this name sticks out to me as a supreme possibility, yet I am very guarded.)

All things considered, I think more than likely we will get someone lower tier or new.

That’s my thoughts for now….though I will still think about it. Feel like I’m forgetting a few names.


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