Villains and Rogues I’d love to see in a new Nova series.


Never loved the term, “Rogues gallery” …always thought it was a DC phrase more or less….but whatever this new Nova book is, it needs to be fleshed out and solidified. The Sam Alexander volumes just seems to throw villains and supporting characters against a wall made of Teflon. Nothing sticks.

Its time to make stuff stick and develop it for new fans.

Let’s see this book establish major threats and give Sam and Rich rivals and a rogue’s gallery that makes the material important.Truthfully, I’d love to see a mix of villians and story ideas to bridge the fan bases together.

IMO Number one, Annihilus should always be Rich Rider’s foil. Really disappointing turns for Anny recently with Sam in All New Avengers.

Thanos is up there…For Rich,  I’m not sure if he’s friend or foe. Rich and Thanos have some awkward history together now. It’s worth expanding.

The ghost of Thanos watched Rich as he ripped Anny’s throat out. There has been a solid connection there via the DnA material that has been largely forgotten. I’d guess there is also more to the story of what took place w/ Rich when he let Thanos pass through the “door” in Bendis’ GOTG #19.

They’ve also never explained (yeah surprise) why Thanos had a collection of Nova helmets in his space ship from Infinity.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Sphinx or Diamondhead pop up. These are two of the best old Rich Rider villains.

I’m not sure if the old Sphinx is a big enough draw for right away though. His last appeareance kinda derailed the final Rich volume. (I personally liked the arc) Diamondhead had a comical exchange with Sam Alexander early in that series, but has not been seen since. Truthfully, he’s kinda a silly villian, though Wolfman took him a bit more serious.

Ego and Terrax would both work. Nebula is another name…though unsure if she is a villain right now. I don’t think Rich and her have ever hashed it out Re: Xandar. Other Starlin era villains would be welcome, Blastaar namely. Perhaps even, someone like Nitro could kinda work.

As for newer villains, admittedly I did dig Titus. Would be nice to see him somewhat redeem himself or make a comeback.

I really would like to see Rich and Sam take on the Black Order. I’m a huge fan of Proxima Midnight….and I thought Sam had some history with her daughter that was more or less thrown in the gutter. Corvus Glaive was fairly cool.

How about someone like Gorr? Really like him.

Shuma Gorath of course would be great. Tons of “angles” with that story….

Sadly, I’m not a huge fan of the newer Chitauri characters….including that new general “Warbringer” or whatever his name was. He seemed kinda tacked on and late to the party. I guess I could see that other human General Sam took on in issue 14 w beta Ray Bill….but he seemed rather bland. They never really explained how he got the Nova ship.

I’d love to see Rich Rider versus Death’s Head.

Lastly, I’d still love some expansion of the fraternity of raptors. Not sure if you would consider them villains.

Any I forgot? What do you guys want to see?


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