Supporting characters I’d like to see

First, my bet is that we won’t see a ton of DnA created characters. That’s just how Marvel seems to roll these days….they don’t prop up older writers stuff.….especially from a “work for hire” guy (s) who just moved on to the “enemy”. That being said, I expect some concepts to be present in order to bridge our gap and fix what is broken.

Below is a list of some of the supporting characters I’d like to see come back. Surprise, some of these are from the Loeb stuff….

(in no meaningful order)

  1. Ko-Rel as herself or Worldmind- I’d love to just say Ko-Rel here, because I thought she was an awesome character. She represented the best of what was the Nova Corps. She was an important character…now in the gutter.

  1. Worldmind- This was a DnA concept that literally has to come back. Right? DnA didn’t really invent WM, but it was supremely developed by them. I hope however, they don’t do something like “Rich is worldmind” and just a spark in Sam’s head. To my knowledge, WM has not been referenced since the High Evolutionary mentioned it back in New Warriors.

  1. Cadivan and his cool wife- Despite my faults with this volume, I liked these two. One of the better characters Duggan introduced. Would have been nice to see more of them, but, like most of the story ideas from that volume, they were not developed or just thrown away.

  1. Kaldera- Proxima Midnight (A character I love) slave sent to hunt down Sam Alexander. I thought she was pretty cool. Again, she was pretty much thrown away.

  1. Darkhawk- This is my top dog. Would love to see him back and explored. I don’t get why Marvel gets down on this guy as some kind of dumb concept.

  1. The core of remaining Nova Corps- I know this book will probably blow off the DnA created heroes, but from Robbie Rider, Fraktur, Morrow to Irani Rael down to Xan Philo….I remember and will not forget. At a minimum, we need an expalantion on Robbie and what happened to these guys. There are certain questions that need to be addressed….and this is one.

  1. Namorita- I know folks love Gamora, but she was alive and well when we last saw her. What happened?


  1. Nigh Thrasher- I know this is unlikely, but I love Dwayne and would love to see him reunite with Rich on a story.

  1. This guy. I figured I’d stick somebody in from Vol. 1 and I always thought Crimebuster was cool.

  1. Quasar- Wendell Vaughn, that is….he’s an awesome character and solid friend for Rich. Even if you have to spam that new character with him, bring them in for an appearance.

  1. Moondragon- A old school classic character who has been inexplicably absent from Marvel for far too long. I love Moondragon.

  1. Captain Marvel- So hot right now. Despite the hype, I love Carol, and it would be neat to see her pop up. How would Rich interact with her version of the Nova Corps light?

  1. Speedball- He doesn’t really have a home right now. Rich never saw him come back as good old Robbie Baldwin. I think a reunion is in order. He’s interacted with Sam….

  1. Cammie- I was not a huge fan of Cammie in Annihilation, but Hopeless actually did decent character work with her in Avengers Arena and undercover. She needs a home. (hey maybe Skreet too)

  1. Smasher- I actually liked this new female character.

  1. Tarcel and Garthaan Saal? Seriously what the hell were they up to?


3 thoughts on “Supporting characters I’d like to see

  1. Awesome pick but as far as namorita I prefer to more Richard human & gamora love.Rich been in space for so long it’s only nature he’d full for a alien chick.

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