Nova # 10 Preview and concerns about potential directions


I maintain we should be prepared for disappointment with Rich Rider’s potential return. From the looks of the Nova #10 preview, this is only confirmed. The folks in control of this property are just not doing a good job.

In just three pages here are a few things I noticed I didn’t like:

-Sam being drawn as a tawny scrawny kid.

-Sam not knowing Rich’s last name. He gave Rich’s father his helmet and visited the ┬áRider home . He met Mr. and Mrs. Rider. Sure I realize they want Sam to be this dumb idiot who shuns any semblance of common sense (kids evidently need this to identify with the hero), yet even still…. this is a stretch. This is really hard to imagine. If it is true, it makes Ryan either a super crappy writer or it makes Sam a really , irredeemable self-absorbed teen.

-Here we go again as Nova helmets are the “source of Nova’s power” Nope, they never were…never ever…and worldmind was in Rich….not the helm. Some of the Novas originally didn’t even have helmets. This still confirms one fact; Ryan has never read a prior Nova book and did no research.

-Making Monark Starstalker look like an idiot.

Again, I don’t want to seem like some unreasonable asshole who needs it “my way or the highway”……but this seems like pure sloppy stuff here and not a good sign. Yet again, doesn’t look like an acting Nova writer ever read any old Nova…or even any of Duggan’s last volume. This book has been a complete train wreck. Good grief, I hope Sean Ryan never sees a Marvel title ever again.

Both Sam Alexander and Richard Rider need to move on.