My own Cat fight with Cosmic Book News and Last Post There


I wanted to share something for those fans who post or have posted on CBN in the boards there. Everything is stagnant except for Rider and Quasar talk, and over these past three years or so, I have really enjoyed discussions there with many Nova fans like Sep, CapMarvel, 50year old Nova fan, Drakkeon, Timelord, etc..while I don’t like dwelling on cat fighting between fans,  I wanted to let folks hear my side of the story without censorship or moderation.

When I started this blog, it was because I had been banned from CBR’s message boards because of “excessive Richard Rider talk” and so-called attacking fans of Sam Alexander…

I wanted to have a place where folks could share their views without moderation without fear they would be censored for airing strong opinions, and my own thoughts critical or approving would be free from the deletion of over-bearing mods, like CBR’s famed gestalt of self-righteous muldoons.

At that point, 19 issues into Duggan’s Nova volume and gravely disappointed, I found solace in CBN and their boards as a refuge to complain about the current state of Nova, wage boycotts and protest the fact Richard Rider was dead and Marvel was a fool for not using him.

The so-called leader of this was Matt McGloin and his visceral hatred of anything Marvel. The guy who thinks he knows what “True” Nova fans are . He was oft-abrasive, and usually loved lecturing everyone on certain matters, but I was willing to concede to the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” notion. I was glad I did, for awhile at least, I met some great Nova fans on there and have no regrets about my time on the board.

Now for the catty stuff; let me be perfectly honest and say I now know this guy McGloin’s true colors. Despite us finding common ground at one point, McGloin is sincerely a bully and wannabe. Though he has bemoaned the antics of Marvel execs like Steven Whacker, he has no problem doing his best imitation of the man as well. His site is now nothing more than click-bate mire of sensationalism, and trust me, he has no desire for Marvel Comics to save itself or recover.

Since the announcement, the CBN boards have felt more and more like the garden of roses in Alice in Wonderland, with McGloin shouting “off with his head” at anyone not “angry” enough at NINO or the fact they may sample the new book.

My last post on the board was precipitated by the more and more irrational views of McGloin and Timelord, who seem to defy any sort of logic in their spittle induced cathartic back and forth about how bad NINO sucks and how horrid Tom Brevoort is….even still with the announcement that Marvel is bringing back Richard Rider, like we all asked for.

Within the board, there was the promise that “No NINO supporters” were free to post on the board. (He’s actually got it posted in the rules now) leading up to this, he berated and threatened a few long time posters whose comments were not “NINO hating enough”.

Something needed to be done. It was in this environment I pulled some prize quotes of delusion: “Flesh and Blood Rider or nothing” was one.

Then McGloin, madly declared he was currently working on a CBN drive that would declare a new boycott of the new series. “Rider like DnA did him or nothing at all!” he declared, basically implying anyone that was not with him was against him. This is where I drew the line.

Let me share the post that got me “banned” and has put me at odds with McGloin. It’s long, as I wanted to be perfectly clear. I also specifically  stated in the write up that it was my last post on the board, so McGloin banned someone who had decided to leave and deleted the post, the trite actions of a petty child pouting as he takes his toys back to his mommy:

I’m hearing Champions #1 was a huge failure.

I didn’t love the Han Solo comparison either, but I don’t have a big problem with it. He’s a brash and competent and a risk taker pilot type. Though Rich was more responsible, it’s not like an insane idea or anything.

Marvel always seems to want to compare stuff to Star Wars or the characters therein. I think it’s an indicator of some things….mostly negative. I think from reading these interviews you get a clearer picture why Rich was actually back-burnered. …”too similar in some eyes to other characters.”  Or “redundant”. Especially with Star-Lord and the actual Han Solo out there. Maybe this is why marvel cosmic has been put down….to avoid competing with their own Star Wars material. Seems lame.

Please read the much more substantial Marvel interview as well.

SO here’s where this post turns, and I point out I couldn’t see this situation any differently than you two. Reading these two interviews, the vast majority of what I hear within tells me these guys “get it” and understand Rich Rider and Nova. It’s a breath of fresh air, really, and, to me it paints a totally different picture than the crazed talk you guys are pushing.

Some of the listed focuses of this series seem to be some of the fundamental angles I wished DnA could have explored more. I find Loveness and Perez hook intriguing and something well-thought out. I’m almost reading stuff from these creators that is “too good to be true”, and from both you and TL I’m reading stuff that is hard to believe as well.

These guys seem to be huge fans. Loveness seems like a rare Marvel guy who was brought up on the books. Read what he says about Scott Summers? That’s awesome, because I love cyclops too. I love the Summers clan and I would love to see something like the Starjammers.

The book seems much more planned than any we’ve seen. I think by reading both these guys thoughts, I have the opinion they have done an in-depth character study of Rich and plan to really produce something well thought out. Sounds like they’ve read the material or plan to read it all.

The Marvel interview mentions extensive content in space, Thanos and even Dr. Sun name dropped. Old villains and old characters are a huge part of this series. I don’t get how Rich is a sidekick when he is clearly shown bailing a dying NINO out from cancerverse stuff in the art. Frankly, in contrast to you and TLs (IMO) wild thoughts and fears, this series seems way more about Rich than NINO. As I read it, Sam seems like mostly an afterthought.

Honestly, you guys sound like you have gone off the deep end and are broken records. Nearly all your thoughts seem unjustified or fantastic. I’m not in agreement with your stance.

Maybe you just were not prepared for life with Rich Rider back.

I can understand Stinger’s angst because he loves Quasar and that character is still down. I think Stinger you are bit off on the reality of what works and what does not in terms of these character issues, boycotts and fan-angst.

You guys did decent with Quasar….but it didn’t stick and it’s certainly not as rosy a performance as you make out. I really don’t appreciate the constant lectures on fandom, trolling, zombies and what real fans should be like.  At this point, it’s mostly tired. To call me a zombie really dug deep. I’ve gone on FB and defended CBN to no end, and here as well. No more.

Nor do I dig the threat of censorship for simply liking a character. ”Ban NINO fans”, whatever….none come anyway here. I don’t like NINO, but I’m happy to hear others who disagree with me and their opinion. It’s called discussion and dialogue. That’s why I founded a blog on RR so folks could just say what they want without being over moderated.

I respect that this is your turf and board, but I don’t dig that environment. So this will be my last post here.

Perhaps this is happening on the NMB as well….but two wrongs don’t make a right. I will say to call a spade a spade I feel like that board also is making a mistake as well and the over-moderation is not needed.

Again, Stinger let me say, I respect what you and CBN have done during this struggle to get Rich back on the cards. I also appreciate having a place to vent my frustration, though at times you seemed to come on just to lecture us with a line like “You zombies need to wise up and get that Marvel is horrible, Stop Buying NINO,” You did this when it was even like us 3 talking back and forth and it was pretty clear few of us were buying the comic and no NINO fans were posting.

Series seems exactly what we need; a bridge that joins the new with the old. There was never any need for me to just rehash DnA material.

“Bring back Rich Rider….but only like he was with DnA!” sounds ridiculous and petty dude.

Even DnA were planning on killing off Rich for a couple years!

I’m not going to debate Marvel Cosmic is down, but at least this seems like step in the right direction. Marvel was down when Annihilation came out as well….Civil War sucked, New Warriors were a joke and Starlin had just been cast off from Marvel.

(Insert Stinger’s post that announces he is working on a new boycott of Nova)

If CBN does this then know that you do not have my support. Good Luck to you, but I plan to reasonably sample the work before I come to such conclusion or extremes.

This book has a lower tier creative team. It’s not been set up in any big event, and is just kinda being thrown out to the wolves to sell or flop. The only hook is “Richard Rider returns”….and if it doesn’t sell better than thought, if people don’t show up for that tag….then it sends a message about Rider to Marvel that they were right….and maybe Rich does belong in the gutter.

I want to prove them wrong. I want a “reborn Rich” book to work…..and any boycotts, not only do I disagree with them now, but I find them counter-productive to the existence of Rich and his future.

In this regard, you and CBN undo any of the good you did before.

Whatever you guys do, I wish you well Stinger. I will continue to support Quasar and hope he comes back. I thank you for what you’ve built here and wish you well.

The last portion I put in bold because It is the most important part.

If CBN and McGloin are taking the stance that there should be a preemptive boycott of Rider’s return book (mind you, without an issue in our hands yet) after six years of Rider dead and in the gutter, well then they are hurting the character more than they are helping him. To me, that is being a fraud …and unacceptable. Really, this has nothing to do with Sam Alexander.

Again, apologies for those who could give two craps about this kind of stuff, but I just wanted to get my side of the story and why I did what I did. I admit, its drama beyond us all.

I’m not telling folks to abandon the boards or not frequent CBN, but just sharing my side of the story and what the place’s (IMO) true colors are. I’ve always maintained the company has done some good, and it would be a shame to undo it with some sort of breakdown.

I consider the matter closed….and hope to link up with the great posters (aside from McGloin) who posted on the CBN boards in other places.

EDIT:Just want to thank the folks who are giving me support. It really means a lot. Look forward to the coming days of actual Nova/ Richard Rider talk. I saw McGloin’s post where he once more ripped Nova fans and bragged about how awesome he was.




This looks decent…the art works well enough. I don’t have many problems with the lack of a “Prime” star. Perhaps some aspect of the story will explain that.

Again, I have more of an issue with a comedy series based off “Nextwave”. Not too sure about that…but I’ve never read Nextwave either.

For one, there is a glut of comedy or light hearted stuff out there, especially within cosmic. Its hard to separate with this material, and several books have failed. I still think a lot of the comedy in the cosmic is trying too hard to ride the coattails of the GOTG film, and stems from a lack of confidence in serious cosmic science fiction of the DnA, Giffen, or even Starlin/ Kirby breed. The need to “dumb down” runs strong with Axel Alonso’s Marvel.

Two, the creative team is interesting, but not going to be a draw.

Three, I have doubts about “long term viability” as a comedy series that harkens back to Nextwave.

Personally, I think the comedy rout was an abject disaster for both The New Warriors and Star-Lord, though it has worked for others.

Lastly, NYCC seems to have sent a message to me that Marvel cosmic is still very far from a united vision. Still disjointed and deprioritized.

Still, good to see Rich Back. I think the top image pushes away some of the fears of Rich as a “ghost” or as a bumbling sidekick to Sam.

Thoughts on NOVA # 11 revelation and some fan’s reaction

I haven’t written a blog since the big reveal and I’ve noticed a few observations among Nova fans;

First, somehow there are some vocal fans still pissed off and angry (Timelord is one of them, who is a friend and opinion I value, he wrote this piece for CBN here) Let me say I very much disagree with this stance, though of course there are some decent points and concerns raised.

Let me recap some of the developments of the 2nd half of CY2016:

-Richard Rider is back. We get a new Nova series.

-Bendis is off GOTG.

-Nicole Pearlman, one of the good “gals” is writing a Gamora series. (Most reports have her as having included RR in the MCU in her original script for GOTG)

-Jeff Lemire is a solid writer who is writing Thanos.

-Al Ewing’s Ultimate’s is frankly intriguing. He is really growing in “cosmic” competence and something to be valued.

-IDW Has both Rom and Micronauts .… that’s pretty cool.

I mean, man, we’ve been looking hopeless for so long, where it looked like years would go by and no Rich, and some fans actually are griping about minor stuff? There looked like there was a freakin’ conspiracy at one point. (And I still think there was) Bendis basically said the character would not be used again and now here we are.

I bring up this old line from a past blog entry:

Not to lecture everyone, but again, if this does turn out in our favor, we should be happy and proud of it and not unreasonable. It’s the end of a long road. Honestly, we should act classy and even a bit thankfull/grateful to Marvel….I’m not saying I regret anything I said or did during this process and will not say that, but bringing back Rich was what it was all about. I’m going to keep my promise and buy Marvel comics again. As I’ve always said; I love Marvel Comics and sure as hell, I want to support them.

On this matter, let me re-link this past blog here.

If this is Rich Rider, we should prepare for some initial disappointment and yet still be open to accepting this for a while. In other words, we should give this a chance and keep expectations low. Sure , they’re going to fuck something up. Whether its established continuity, the creative team, characterization or some other detail here or there, I can bet Marvel will jack up something and aspects of any series will not be to some of our standards. Let’s remember, even Annihilation jacked up stuff. (like show Rich as a cherry recruit when he had been Nova Prime before!) How furious were Rich fans when he was Kid Nova and wearing a damned red ascot in FabNic’s New Warriors volume one? Those things worked themselves all out.

One of the main points I made in that piece was to be prepared for some disappointment. We probably won’t get everything we want….that’s just how it goes. So does life.

It’s no secret, I don’t like Sam /NINO. He’s been NINO so far meaning…”Nova in Name Only”… but I never said I needed the character dead or thrown away. (Um…er…ok maybe I did once or twice) The worst part about Sam (among many many bad or annoying parts) was that his presence seemed to preclude the revival of Rich. Now that’s out the window and Sam is just another Nova character. I guess I can be cool with that. At least, enough to take a look as to what comes next.

Admittedly, Sam does have fans of his own. (Not many though, sales are down to 14k) Some of that crew are first class pricks and antagonizers. Some are nice, well-meaning folks and even kids as well. Whatever “crimes” of character assassination occurred in the past, I don’t want to see their favorite character thrown in the dumpster either, at least not without a good attempt to fix the character. This was what I recently had to say about Sam:

A word about Sam Alexander: In many ways, there was nothing wrong with the notion of Sam or a young brash Nova figure. There was nothing wrong with many of the broader ideas the Sam material wanted to do. Truthfully, the Black Nova concept was a solid idea that I had high hopes for. Instead, what was wrong was the execution. All of those ideas of mine regarding what went wrong there have been laid out on this blog. As we move forward, surprisingly…I am up for Sam Alexander…but dammit, the character needs to be fixed. With Rich back, for once, I’m hopeful we can see that happen.

Yet some of us, sorry to not pull punches here, are frankly delusional about some of our fears. Even with all things considered, there is no cause (yet) to organize some angry fan push about stuff we don’t know about. We weren’t entitled to win this battle. We fought. They pushed back. Years went by. (Darn it I have five year old daughter who was born after Rich was killed off!) Everyone compromised and now it’s time to shake hands and move on with the next chapter. If the new era stinks, then we can all bitch about it.

The worst aspect is that there’s little hard evidence out there for much of the specific paranoia going around. Some of these thoughts I’ve heard include the following:

-Sam will be more featured in this new book than Rich.

Frankly, the solicit Mentions “Classified” the most….and though I voiced my displeasure with this, it’s very reasonable to assume this was done to add some suspense to Nova # 11 and the big reveal. “Classified” is clearly Richard Rider now. Prior to the Rich Rider returns splash page, the writer said Rich Rider was a big part of Nova going forward. That means a big part.

-Rich is a ghost and not real.

No evidence he is a ghost. He said “Mom, I’m Back” at the end of the issue. RR looked real enough to me…no ghost would wear blue jeans like that. The rays of light at the end I took to mean a metaphor for a new dawn…which is something hopeful. The rising sun was also shown when Sam and Rich shook hands.

-Rich is going to be a sidekick.

-Sam will dominate the book and Rich will be just some goof.

In fact, Marvel has toned down its pushing of Sam. Outside his role in Champions, he’s mostly gone from USM cartoon, Disney Infinity is kaput and his solo books have clearly been deprioritized by Marvel in terms of A-list creative teams.

-The book will be a comedy romp. (Ok there is some evidence of this, but it’s marginal EDIT: OK the book IS going to be a comedy romp, “based on nextwave” groan…)

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know what to expect from Loveness. I do know that he’s written less than 10 Marvel comics.. That’s not enough to define him. Folks seem to have dug his Groot run. Even if he does mix in solid humor, Keith Giffen was heavy into humor and comedy related books. Ever read Ambush Bug, Lobo, Trencher or JLI/E? Blue Beetle and Booster Gold anyone?

As I’ve shown, Perez actually has worked on Sci Fi before, and has some nice lines. He’s also written stuff and may team up with Loveness.

Yeah, I get it. Marvel is crazy right now. The books are mostly not good….the editorial spirit pushes stuff into this whole left of center political stuff that really does not interest me.( I mean Occupy Avengers? Give me a fucking break) Just look at this blog and the thoughts. I don’t take back anything. Again, we have cause to be wary.

We may be “angry fans”, however, but we need to be credible and reasonable as well. Marvel won’t ever try to listen to us if we just hate everything and want “our way or the highway” without the ability to compromise. This was about bringing back Richard Rider. We get that, and I for one am going to give Marvel my business again. (At least for now) We need to be fans who love Marvel as well.

Some of the paranoia and demands are crazy; “Flesh and Blood Rider or nothing” was one I heard…yeah, as if Rider merging with Worldmind has not happened before. I mean, didn’t that start our beloved Annihilation arc? As if it couldn’t go the other way.

Like it or not, Rich turned into pure energy when he died. He merged with the Nova Force and a broken cosmic cube…we already saw that, ergo…it would be logical that he may be in some energy form. I’m fine with that.

I want to link a portion of what I said in another post (On NMB) about a few other past moments that many fans were disappointed or jumpy:

I’m not sure where things changed and we needed Sam Alexander to be killed off as well. This was about Rich. I’m open to new things as well…Annihilation and Giffen’s stuff was new things. The New Warriors were new things….etc..

Let’s just take a refresher on a couple simple points:

Annihilation happened in a real down point for me in Marvel lore. I hated Civil War, thought the whole line was shot and despised the crude antics of then EiC Joe Quesada. Starlin leaves Marvel in anger. Then I see Nova used in the dreadful Skottie Young stuff…the New Warriors killed off….horrid. Right away the Nova series is written by “unremarkable” journeymen comic writers who came from DC…and there was weird stuff right away. Scott Kollins art looked weird, Richard Rider was being treated like a cherry newbie, and they brought back Xandar again? They kill off Quasar! But yeah…that worked out.

Not to mention RR during during Fabnic (“PC”) New Warriors book with some cheesy skateboarding black version of Batman…calling him “Kid Nova”, dreadful costumes each week, (was that an ascot?) ham fisting some excuse where he still had his powers, and basically running around and avoiding any tie in to Wolfman Nova Volume 1 storylines for years. Recall how long it was till they even went into Xandar and the Corps.

Then there was Sam. I was receptive to check it out. Frankly, there was a lot that looked good right away. I mean remember how they tricked us with Diamondhead and Terrax? Turns out, it stunk. The crowd screaming for boycotts and rejections like TL were right…however I don’t regret for one instant that I held a wait and see attitude and at least tried it out. I don’t have any regrets about coming to the same conclusion reasonably.

Yeah, I know….Marvel is not perfect. They can’t seem to put the new continuity in any solid framework. Nova has sloughed off plot after plot into vapid finishes. The helmets are not the power source…yep.  Loveness is a lower tier writer. DnA… Giffen…all gone. Sam Alexander will be a big part of it. Not Annihilation III…I agree….like I said we have reason to be tepid. But maybe, just maybe there is enough here to tune in once more and be proud that our voice brought back something we enjoy. Ramon Perez is a talented guy. Frankly, I’m excited to see what Marvel does next.

Rich Rider is back folks…and though maybe this will all turn out to be lousy, for now I’m happy, grateful and excited for a new day.

Looking forward to doing some reviews again and talking story. I’m planning to sample Pearlman’s Gamora and Lemire’s Thanos as well….with a wait and see attitude on whatever new cooks up for GOTG.