This looks decent…the art works well enough. I don’t have many problems with the lack of a “Prime” star. Perhaps some aspect of the story will explain that.

Again, I have more of an issue with a comedy series based off “Nextwave”. Not too sure about that…but I’ve never read Nextwave either.

For one, there is a glut of comedy or light hearted stuff out there, especially within cosmic. Its hard to separate with this material, and several books have failed. I still think a lot of the comedy in the cosmic is trying too hard to ride the coattails of the GOTG film, and stems from a lack of confidence in serious cosmic science fiction of the DnA, Giffen, or even Starlin/ Kirby breed. The need to “dumb down” runs strong with Axel Alonso’s Marvel.

Two, the creative team is interesting, but not going to be a draw.

Three, I have doubts about “long term viability” as a comedy series that harkens back to Nextwave.

Personally, I think the comedy rout was an abject disaster for both The New Warriors and Star-Lord, though it has worked for others.

Lastly, NYCC seems to have sent a message to me that Marvel cosmic is still very far from a united vision. Still disjointed and deprioritized.

Still, good to see Rich Back. I think the top image pushes away some of the fears of Rich as a “ghost” or as a bumbling sidekick to Sam.


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