Thanos # 1 (short review)

This was the first comic I’ve bought in awhile, a Marvel digital purchase, which I found steep at $3.99 ,but it beat schlepping to the distant comic store on a snowy northeastern day….also, I really want to be sure about the quality of these books before I go full in on collecting again.

(Surprise) I was pleased with the book.

Art was excellent.Prose was “adequate”, with a nice pace and plot. Deodato has tweaked his style some with that dot shading, and it looked pretty good.


A few complaints/observations, however:

I didn’t love Corvus Glaive going out like such a bitch. IMO Glaive was actually pretty cool, and the way he ended up dying, kinda made me think that Lemire or somebody was just embarrassed he was ever created in the first place. If that’s the case, I disagree, whatever Hickman missed out on with Thanos, The Black Order was kinda his one big lasting cool factor. Yes, Thanos would beat up Corvus, but I think Glaive would have at least battled him and fought back some more.

Didn’t love how Death acted or looked, but I’ll keep watching.

I’m not sure about the Champion as the rooting interest here. (?) He looks a lot like Lobo or Giffen’s old knock Lunatik and here, he was kinda coming off as “Mary Sue-ish” IE can do no wrong and has probably found some super-cool new quasi-hero coolness. (which is cool)

Thane is there as well…um er…just not sure about him either.

Again, I’m not sure if I like showing Eros as some wry and unapologetic sleazoid. That seemed to be where they they are going….kinda took him to a place I didn’t think (or at least hoped) he’d go. Truthfully, he’s been this shady sleeze-bag before, to some extent, so its not totally out from left field.  I guess I need more information. For some odd reason, I like Eros (even though Dan Slott made him a rapist), and I hope he somehow redeems himself within this book. I’ve always hoped they’d tweak that Slott stuff to make it a little more easy on the guy.

Still, some interesting stuff here. Overall, it had a solid feel. I guess I liked the vibe of the whole thing the most….this IS hard sci fi and gritty Marvel cosmic. That must be commended and encouraged. So too, it seems set to uplift a few lesser known or forgotten characters….not unlike DnA and Giffen.

In general, Lemire’s Thanos mostly works, and Deodato’s art really aids it. I look forward to issue # 2 and to see where this goes.


4 thoughts on “Thanos # 1 (short review)

  1. I enjoyed it myself. It’s Thanos and it’s Cosmic. So yeah.

    I have to agree though. The way Corvus went out was pretty shocking to me. It kind of ruined his character now that this exists.

    What is going to be interesting is that all these pieces are moving in against Thanos and he also has that affliction that was revealed. Remains to be seen what he will do.

    Also wanted to ask you for your thoughts on Thanos in the Ultimates. The fact that he was on Earth, kills Rhodey, inadvertently starts up Civil War 2, gets captured by the Ultimates, escapes, gets captured again…..escapes and now has his own title.

    It all seems a bit lame for Thanos you know?

    Forgot to mention that I am a new cosmic fan (past couple of years) but from the old cosmic (annihilation) days. So I am by no means a Marvel Cosmic Expert. I am an X-Men expert but there’s just no point anymore is there?

    Thanks for reading

    1. I’m going to catch up with the Ultimates. I like at least, the stuff Ewing is attempting. Further, he seems to honor past continuity…and that’s commendable. To some extent, I can deal with peoples differing takes on Thanos and some play with the fact they will be a bit off from the Starlin-standard.

      IMO the Bendis take was just too far gone, and I can deal less when people don’t even make sense of things.(Like BMB does repeatedly) For the standard example of unacceptable Thanos I’d point to “Thanoscopter” and “Crappy Bendis GOTG arc in Assembled” as my worst of the worst. As of now, I have read only some of what Ewing did and it seemed decent.

  2. Finally a cosmic series from Marvel Worth reading. Let’s see how much will take for Brevoort and Alonso to screw this up.

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