Not Nova related, but saw this cool little flick tonight on NETFLIX

For anyone looking for a solid movie on NETFLIX, I highly recommend “Spectral” which just came out a few weeks ago. The movie does not reinvent the wheel in terms of a sci fi action plot in the genre of Aliens/ Predator, yet what it does is deliver very well produced visuals/cinematography, action, effects, good dialogue, solid acting, and a level of quality that far exceeds the expectations of a NETLIX flick. Not only is it one of the better NETFLIX original features ever, it’s probably one of the best sci fi /action films in the last couple of years. I love the feel of this film, it captures all the best of hard-nosed war movies, meets Call of Duty and Halo…very enjoyable. For what this movie is, I give it a 9 / 10.

To be fair there are a couple of herky-jerky points in the movie that seem a little forced, but all in all its well done. Really I am almost in disbelief that was a NETFLIX movie and not a theatrical release.

I also want to say, with respect to Marvel TV (which for some reason I thought about when I saw this) that if this is what folks can do for a meager NETFLIX originals, its makes the crap and low budget feeling TV that Jeph Loeb and Marvel TV crew are pumping out both on NETFLIX and on ABC seem all the more unacceptable. You can do this kind of stuff on a lower budget, and this class of flick proves it.

I look forward to whatever this guy who directed this movie, a newcomer named Nic Mathieu, is working on next. He did a hell of a job with this movie.


7 thoughts on “Spectral

  1. I saw this too and I was similarly amazed at what they did. Really looks like a labor of love.

    As to your criticism of Marvel TV, I haven’t seen Jessica Jones or Luke Cage but I Daredevil was ok for me. Also, and this is probably a hugely unpopular opinion, but I thought the Daredevil movie (the Ben Affleck one) captured the essense of Daredevil moreso than the Netflix series.

    I really did get a thrill when Daredevil (2003 movie) was traversing the roof tops of Hells Kitchen like I imagine he would in the comics. The same feeling I got when we got to see Spiderman (Sam Raimi) swing through NY for the first time.

    I think one of the reasons is that they wanted the Netflix series to be more grounded in reality (while still existing in the same universe as the cinematic one….) but this could just be budgetary concerns.

    1. I liked the old DD as well…had some hoke and was definitely par for some of the day, but was fun. Call me even crazier, but I’ll take your thoughts one step further and say I didn’t even hate Elektra. (I love JG) Yeah, they got a ton wrong about that character, but it had its moments. I thought the tattoo guy was neat.

      In General, I think DD is easy to pull off. I think there are a core of crime noir / kung fu type books that are not as difficult to produce as Marvel Comic superheroes at large. Sure, some of the issues are budget issues. Something like Spectral proves this is kinda fluff and not true. Some reasoning seems to be a universal sense of embarrassment or lack of confidence that the masses would watch superhero stuff of a higher bar. In many ways stuff like Batman and DD are simple; make them dark and well written street crime, and simply insert a hero into the mix.

      I agree the Netflix DD is probably the best of a bad lot. Still, I think it could be so much more.

      My big problem is

      1. I really despise Jeph Loeb, so that’s an admitted bias. Guy wants us to think he’s doing real profound things here when really its spineless and gutless content that mostly is trying to repackage the source material into something HE thinks is more appropriate.

      2. Even still, I’ve given all these things, save for Jessica Jones and Agent Carter, at least a shot. I watched 1.5 seasons of AoS almost as an exercise in self-torture. 3 episodes into Luke Cage I had an even worse vibe.

      3. It’s ALL toned down low key stories that even reduce the role of heroes or super heroics. Its not “embracing the source material” as Quesada bragged about Avengers….and I’m right with him on that. The TV is just not a product that seems proud or confident in its ability to display the legacy of Marvel Comics, and that’s a problem for me.

      Its just not fun. Its grim and gritty and depressing, thats fine for say Punisher, but dammit, Luke Cage should be fun.

      At any event, DC is proving them wrong. Lots of spandex and costumes and fun within that world. Those shows have loyal and die-hard fans that are much more apt to last and hang around than what we’ve gotten so far from Marvel.

  2. You definitely hit the nail on the head. Daredevil feels like Batman lite. But Daredevil actually has super powers. I love me some noir crime but you need to push the envelope. Bullseye in the Daredevil movie was camp as hell but at least we knew he was really deadly.

    In the Daredevil tv show, his most difficult fight was with some Japanese Yakaza/Foot clan guy that no one cares about, fighting in some abandoned factory. It almost feels as if the show is creatively bankrupt. But I am a sucker. Despite all that I still enjoyed the show. It just could have been so awesome.

    “Luke Cage should be fun”

    YES! Anyone should go back and read Luke Cage back in his Tiara wearing days and see how awesome and fun those books were.

  3. Completely agree on the cheapness of Marvel shows. I want to see Coulson’s team fighting a five meter tall Kree Sentry and Hydra agents in green spandex.

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