Duggan takes over GOTG; the same old crew set to ride DnA’s and movie Coattails.

Things have been great lately, albeit not perfect. Marvel with Thanos and Nova appears to be, at the least… improving. In fact, the last issues of both those books were outstanding. I know some of us have drifted back together into a united Nova front, so, for me at least, this new blurb comes as all the more disappointing.

Once more Marvel proves they are the same old schulbs .

Today, Gerry Duggan was announced as the new writer of Guardians of the Galaxy. A new “Era” or so they say.

Anyone who follows this blog knows I am no fan of Mr. Duggan, his so-called cosmic, or his uninspired take on Nova. Based on his tweets, I don’t even think I like the guy as a person either.  I don’t believe he respected Marvel lore or continuity, I don’t think his arcs were plotted well or had much pay off.

His Nova Vol. 5 was a disaster; Duggan bled readers down to something like 17k by the time he was done. If he wasn’t bringing back Xandar or Korbinites without any explanation, or calling  Galador “Galadoria”, ditching arcs with no pay offs and hoping readers would just forget plot points, he was mostly taking pot shots at old Rich Rider and DnA era fans both online and within the pages of his books.

This killed me, because if there was no DnA or Rider fans, there never would have been a Sam Alexander or an opportunity for him there. Likewise now, he’s set to ride the coattails of a franchise DnA help put on the map after an age old hiatus. Thus, the guy who helped bury DnA and Giffen’s finest character Nova is once more licking his chops at cashing in on their account.

His inability to make sense of stuff like Jesse Alexander, the Nova/ Loeb timeline, or things like Black Novas placement within the mythos was well established. What was notable was how Duggan created a revolving door of one-off rogues and supporting characters that struggled to find any voice.

Even worse, once more he’s not even set to provide his own take, with the tag that this will bring the concept more in line with the movie. Yeah, like Bendis didn’t try to do this already. The dynamic of the movie largely relies on the on-screen charisma of Chris Pratt and eye-popping effects….the paper comics have already tried (and failed) to replicate that.

Humphries’ Star-Lord solo title was this even more…and the book was terrible.

While I know Bendis’ dreadful run “predated” the GOTG film release (only technically), as the book settled in Bendis was woefully ham-fisted into depicting the GOTG as either pastiche versions of their movie counter parts or as generic renditions of his own familiar tropes.

It didn’t work.

As per the announcement, there’s evidently some work with the Nova Corps planned, which will no doubt mean bad continuity formation or an elevation of the Duggan co-created characters like Eve Bakian and the Nova wonder family. This was another tremendously disappointing dive into Nova Lore. (another series he just HAD to flash Rider’s dead corpse in)

I just feel this is really bad news for Richard Rider and Marvel cosmic.


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