Thanos # 3 short review (spoilers)

I am wholeheartedly enjoying this book each week. Art and writing are very solid, and its one of the best pure cosmic books Marvel has done in a long while. Deodato’s pencils are “on fire” and Lemire’s  dialogue and plotting has been tight and cohesive.

Some fun character assembling in to what is shaping out to be a very intriguing story. Star Lord’s old “Ship” even…

I will say if you are looking into a exploration of Thanos, this is a bit different, and involves a large cast of lesser known or forgotten Marvel characters….much like DnA. I am a big fan of Hickman’s Smasher…and she shows up here. (At least I think that is her)

Issue# 3 is an action romp, but its one well executed. Nothing has reminded me of Keith Giffen and DnA more than this book. Again, this kinda stuff should be supported. I hope down the line old Rich can be involved in this tale somehow.



3 thoughts on “Thanos # 3 short review (spoilers)

    1. Thanks for that…I really found it interesting and well written, professional quality blog post.

      I agree with much of his thoughts on Thanos, in fact, perhaps all of it.
      Later, where he discourses on what Cosmic is and should be, I tend to find some fault with his argument.

      Such as:

      “That’s what cosmic is all about. Cosmic isn’t about telling crime stories or action stories or thrillers in an exotic setting. Cosmic is about heightened reality, a form of storytelling defined by the absence of familiar referents, riven with symbolism, and steeped in fanciful mythology.”

      Disagree here. To me, cosmic can be solidly based off of western stories, men’s adventure, military fiction, etc. tweaked in outer space settings. In my book, cosmic can be a whole bunch of things. All that really matters in the end is the quality of the execution. Stuff like Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, hell even Star-Lord were the same over-the top male space hero tropes, borrowed from westerns and WWII era pulp fiction and radio. For the most part, I love ‘em all. Compare notions of Silver Surfer with stuff like Kung Fu or many old western (or medieval) notions of the soul-searching / wandering gun/sword for hire, etc.

      Even some of the Kirby bastions were this same grade of re-hash. Sure they’re steeped in altered reality, the fantastic and over-the top visuals, but there firmly based on a smattering of older tales, mundane tales of other media, or like the writer says himself; mythology. Frankly, we have modern mythology, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Lone Ranger (Nova…hehe), or the Magnificent Seven are just as much a part of that as Camelot, Ivanhoe, Oedipus or Icarus.

      Unfortunately, nearly all of the stuff we see in comics is unoriginal and borrowed from somewhere. Everything has an eye test. Doing a version of Kelley’s Heroes in space works if its done right. To me, I call it cosmic more on a subjective feel. Honestly, just being “Kirby” eque is almost an acceptable descriptive adjective on its own that needs little dissection. (or vivisection in Thanos case) For the most part, Cosmic is about space and fun…to tell you the truth “I know it when i see it” as some older Senator once said. (about porn in fact)

      However, I think the core motivation of the writer, that, in fact Thanos is bigger (and better) than being “Dexter in Outer Space”, is spot goddamn on. I said the same crap at the time and passed on this series. He does deserve far better than that, and his grasp of what Thanos stands for (if anything) is really well said.

      Marvel wants these simplistic breakdowns. We see it all the time with Nova having to be Luke Skywalker meets X or a character has to be Han Solo meets X. They want everything simple. Thanos has only gotten worse until this point. Even since Aaron wrote him he’s been even more the generic “mustached man in the black hat” more than even that older Dexter trope. I’ll be honest Lemire hasn’t showed enough yet on that front…the series has a solid plot and good showings from surrounding characters, but the true characterization of the big guy is mostly still up for grabs.

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