Nova # 2 sales

Sales Data

The good news; sales of Nova # 1 still echo through the stratosphere, the solar system, galaxy, universe, and on to the multiverse now. Upon a cruel darkforce throne, the shattered portions of Genis-Vell  in the Dark Dimension have observed, read and approve of the new book. So too, the cowled visage of Ike Perlmutter thumbed the issue and noted the sales data as he affixed his iron mask and set out for world domination.

Whatever the case; the sales of Nova #1 sent a solid message to Marvel brass; folks dig Richard Rider, a Man called NOVA, and we want him around.

Before I get to the dull blow of Nova # 2’s sales, more facts on the first issue; Nova # 1 (last month) outsold the new Captain Marvel # 1. (this month) (By nearly 10k units) While I dig both characters and want both to succeed, that’s a huge message to Marvel in support of Rider and his potential fit. Carol is everywhere and coming off one of her biggest events. She’s got a movie on the way and has no lack of set-up. Again, that’s good for Rich and Sam.

The bad news; this month’s data shows Nova # 2 dropped markedly to 118 on the top 300 and 23k sales.

IMO this is not as bad as it looks. First, digital sales aren’t factored and neither are some international sales. This is pretty big nowadays.

Second, don’t get down, keep buying and let’s enjoy the ride. This is a good comic and nothing takes away from that. Whatever the case, I think it can last a long time. Marvel didn’t promo it worth much, and we showed up for that issue # 1 in solid numbers.

Thirdly, seems like the “word of mouth” really hit the net after issue # 2 to me as well, so although it is rare, maybe we can see a spike of readers next month.

Nevertheless, I’m disappointed and surprised with the sudden drop. I’ve got to say comic issues bounce in this weird never before seen flux that is frankly chaotic and scary. Take the ballyhooed “Mosaic” for example; which from issue 3 to 4 went from 30k sales and top 100  and meteored down to 180 and 11 k sales…I mean… what the fuck?!

Very very weird. I’m hoping digital sales paint a much better and bountiful picture for our human rockets….frankly, I think they do.

Within this oddball sales vibe, Nova is outselling the following more lauded titles; Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon, two characters also at their series own issue # 2, and also both of them are aided by the infernal hype overdrive of not only movies and cartoons, but toys, party napkins, transmorgrifiers, acne medicine and ice cream flavors as well. Star Lord and the GOTG appear everywhere these days and, at least get some page time in every event.

Despite this, Nova is clipping them. That’s good.

While I think it stinks all around these characters are selling low, I also think its just some wonky new era as well.

Further notables;

Only 1k units less sold than “Everybody’s darling” Ms. Marvel. That’s pretty good.

Nova also outsold the following books;

Superwoman # 6 low issue # and this book has a TV show to support it (a good show too)

Captain America: Sam Wilson- obviously a very supported and promo’d book that has been given a long leash and set up in bigger storylines.

Ghost Rider- Has a TV show to help promo him.

Black Widow- Movies and appears in many cartoons, games and gear.

Gwenpool- obviously heavy hype and promo

Cage- low issue and Netflix/ TV promo

Occupy Avengers- hyped book with much more promo and Avengers name.

Brief shout out to the new Sleep song; which is freaking awesome. If you haven’t been aware by now, I love Stoner/Doom/Sludge and Sabbathy-type rock.

Here is a sample if anyone digs:

Rock out Nova! See you all later.


5 thoughts on “Nova # 2 sales

  1. Thats because comic audience is very different (and dying) from movie audience (Who could’nt care less about the source material). The fact that everybody keeps calling Ronan the accuser ”Ronin” is a proof of that. Also i’m actually digging Khamala Kha(aaaa)n character.

      1. As someone who follows comic book sales recently, all I can say is that comic book sales are fucking weird. You can see trends such as returnables and cover variants spiking sales but all comics suffer a downward trend and I hope Nova can come back up and stabilise around the 30k mark.

        As for musical tastes, I’m on the other side of the spectrum. Pink Floyd is my favourite band. They were the first in space.

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